The Boxer: Fighting Depression

John over at Storied Mind wrote a post on fighting depression that really hit home. It had a profound thought that I know but often overlook.

Fight it.

If I can step aside for just an instant from the full assault of the symptom, long enough to glance sideways at it, I can spot what’s happening and immediately see myself experiencing that particular bend of mind or feeling. Here it comes, here it is, I’m feeling miserable because I’m depressed. Or I’m tearing myself down with every other thought – I don’t have to do that so you in there, you shut up, I’m not listening anymore – you’re just a disease, and you will not get me to believe what you’re saying. Of I see obsessive thinking taking hold, sizzling my mind and gut with something, invariably, that I did wrong. I see that I’m replaying it over and over, and I have to step back and just say to myself, you’re obsessing, that’s another symptom, so stop!

boxingWhich reminds of a song (“The Boxer”) from one of my favorite Christian artists, Sara Groves:

When you said this was a fight, you weren’t kidding
When you said this was a fight, you weren’t kidding, kidding
Cause my ribs are bruised and it’s just round two

When you said this was a fight, you weren’t kidding
When you said this was a fight, you weren’t kidding
Cause there’s a cut on my eye and it’s just round five

And I used to be quick I used to see it coming
I used to know how to move my feet
Now I can’t duck and I can’t land nothing
And I forgot how to bob and weave
Bob and weave

When you said this was a fight, you weren’t kidding
When you said this was a fight, you weren’t kidding, kidding, kidding
Cause this room’s in a spin and it’s just round ten

If you care at all take that towel from your neck
Cause I’ve reached down deep and there is nothing left
I’ve got nothing
I’ve got nothing
I’ve got nothing

Greater is he who is in me
Greater is he who is in me
Greater, greater
Greater, greater

Okay, okay

Bob and weave
Bob and weave
Bob and weave

And I can’t just know it I’ve got to feel it
And I can’t just feel it, I’ve got to believe it
And I can’t just believe it, I’ve got to live it

I need to put up a fight and I won’t be successful without God’s help. I can’t just *think* I have to fight and leave it as head knowledge, I have to put it into action. I have to — as John put it — “glance sideways at it” and watch those punches, see it coming, then — as Sara put it — “bob and weave” to dodge it before it knocks me down completely.

4 thoughts on “The Boxer: Fighting Depression

  1. Yo! I just read your post, and it made me think of the book, “The New Earth” by Eckert Tolle. Have you read it? Wondeful read. It talks about how our “ego” feeds into depression and lives off it. Our ego is the voice inside our head that tells us we’re depressed. Once we can step aside from our “ego” and detach ourselves from it, can we feel the true essence of being. Anyways, how’s life treating you? Apart from going crazy, I’m doing quite well. Lol

  2. Marissa – At the end of this post, you raise the most compelling question that I’m grappling with. What is the role of faith in fighting depression? My post describes primarily a cognitive shift, but behind that there had first to be a shift in belief, a rekindling of faith in life as well as myself. And there is a powerful spiritual dimension to that. My Catholicism has long been just a memory of youth, but recently I have been revisiting its deeper traditions through the writings of Thomas Merton and some of the saints in the mystical tradition. Reading your blog and Beyond Blue is so helpful in trying to fill again a great emptiness in my soul
    Thank you!

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