Madonna's Mentally Ill: A Closer Look at Narcissists

MadonnaOK – I admit: I’m a huge Madonna fan. I was crazy enough to plunk down $300 (That I’d saved up for) to attend her most recent concert tour. And while I do like reading about her occasionally about her site, her publicist, Liz Rosenberg, took really cheap shots at Britney Spears’ meltdown:

While other gawk-worthy celebs suffer meltdowns or embarrass themselves with ugly epithets, Madonna forever floats above the fray. She has triumphed by keeping her toes planted on the treadmill and her mind firmly on the bottom line.

It’s ironic that a woman who initially rose to popularity on the strength of controversy should sustain that career by clean living.

It makes for a particularly brutal contrast to the woman who looked, just a year and a half ago, like her obvious successor.

When Madonna planted that big wet one on Britney Spears’ kisser at the MTV Awards, everyone viewed it as the ultimate passing of the torch: the grand dame graciously handing off her crown to a new generation’s pop tart.

Now, it looks like the opposite was happening. Madonna was apparently laying down a gauntlet and offering up a challenge. “You’ve had a nice run, kid,” she seems to have been saying. “Now try to keep that up for two more decades.”

That Britney couldn’t even keep it up for one tenth that time – while Madonna blithely re-adjusted her crown and moved on – says everything about the difference between the two stars’ approach to their careers and lives.”

All that was really unnecessary. Perhaps it was a joke? I take everything too seriously these days. Rosenberg is also Madonna’s best friend so this was probably done with Madge’s approval. Essentially Madge/Rosenberg kicked someone while she was already down. As much as I enjoy Madonna’s music, it just shows how insensitive and ruthless she is to this day. (I don’t care who she has adopted.)

“Madonna’s method gave her yet another rousing career resurrection in the last two years. Her just-in-time return-to-the-club album, “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” brought her back to
multiplatinum sales after suffering her one (and only) poor-selling stinker of a CD, “American Life.” Madonna’s subsequent tour, last summer, was the most lucrative of the season.

While Cher has sustained an impossibly lengthy career as well, hers slogged through long desert stretches before finding fresh water. Madonna has danced from oasis to oasis with barely a dry patch in sight. Now 48, she gives every sign of being able to carry her pop torch for as long as she so desires.”

How unbelievably conceited and narcissistic. (At least she was willing to admit that American Life sucked – mainly because critics panned the album and its “supposed” antiwar message.) According to the world of Madonna, she is queen and she rules. I, a subservient peasant, will formally declare that Madonna’s got a mental illness: Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

15 thoughts on “Madonna's Mentally Ill: A Closer Look at Narcissists

  1. Glad you were able to do some research on that one! The ironic thing about NPD is that most people don’t recognize the need to change. It’s all about ME, right? What else matters in life?

  2. Yes, you are absolutely right. And I strongly suspect that the Kabbalah has given her even bigger illusions of grandeur that she is the new Messias. Only problem is… no matter your external actions, your heart and ability for empathy is the way to God/Love… 😉

  3. Nice article! I had no idea she was truly that self-oriented. It really was tasteless to bash Britney Spears in the middle of a severe bout of illness. Lately, Madonna seems miserable and like a caricature of herself, running around with the 22-year old model.

  4. the Kabbalah stuff is positive, but her behavior contradicts it. i think that the leaders need to speak out on her innappropriate ways.

  5. This entire article is a joke. From the assumption that she has nothing better to do than sit around approving the work of her friends to the armchair diagnosis at the end, you’ve really only revealed your own mental deficiencies. It speaks volumes about you and you don’t even realize it. You act, throughout the whole article as if she wrote the damn thing for crying out loud. This article is terrible and judging from the link titles on this page it looks like you specialize in armchair diagnoses.

  6. this infantil bitch dominatrix is a stalking whore and manipulator, she ruined my life and my families in 2015. I have nothing left after what she put me drew

  7. Check the site by AISHA this woman has been tormented and abused by madonna abd her rich crew kanye beyonce jake gyllenhal rhiana racist, its frightening how much pain celebrities get ti abuse random people with money

  8. ´´ this woman has been tormented and abused by madonna abd her rich crew ´´

    this is crazy talk

    anyway i´m here to read on madonna and narcissism. i am partly a fan – of her older stuff – and am interesting in reading what other´s have to say about this aspect of her personality.

    i have great respect for people with depression, so don´t want to agitate, just adding that this aisha´s site seems to be bordering on obsessive.

  9. Put a period after the part where you give her the credit she deserves and leave out the part about diagnosing her with a disorder that’s so far off base, and you’ve got yourself a good article.

  10. Madonna doesn’t care who she hurts has,stolen money jewelry or something else forgotten just when ppl that really were there for Madonna Ciccone this how Madonna shows thank you get useful real
    Self by betraying them lies being thief pyco pycosis control freak mentally ill everyone now see how mentally sick Madonna Ciccone truly is why nobody can not stand her to ahead keep doing medical marijuana be and drinking alcohol to or popping pills dad person named Madonna Ciccone
    Because it will.never c fix your disease you Madonna sadly have by being a narsssict individual keep btw?taking pych drugs Dr given you for collisions spiral problems besides all marijuana you being medical pot do Madonna for aniexty paranoia again publishers u understand how you are very disturbed person again your last will.always come back haunt you especially for stealing lies about it Madonna Ciccone?The c career to think you have realize it was up is complete garbage so Waje Up
    Madonna Ciccone!

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