Copies of published studies

All right, I think I asked this before and I know one of my readers sent me a few links to the STAR*D study (which I haven’t had the chance to read). Does anyone know where I can get my hands on CATIE and BOLDER (I and II)? Will this PDF from The New England Journal of Medicine suffice? (I believe it’s phase 1.)

Otherwise, I’ll cross my fingers and hope – oh crap, wait! Maybe I can use the library at my job! Geez, why didn’t I think of this before?

Well, if anyone’s got an electronic copy, that’s preferable. Many thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I just checked the medical library in my building and apparently, I do have access to medical publications that require subscription online. It’s probably unethical to disseminate business material for personal purposes (especially since my other duties require me to work with confidential material), but I can always read the articles and try to pass along bits and pieces that jump out at me here and there.

More during the summer…

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