Coming off of Lamictal (lamotrigine)


I am officially joining the ranks of those who are facing the challenge of Lamictal withdrawal.

On Wednesday, I went to see my psychiatrist with a plan to come off of Lamictal:

  • 150 mg for 3 months
  • 100 mg for 3 months
  • 75 mg for 3 months
  • 50 mg for 3 months
  • 25 mg for 3 months
  • 12.5 mg (depending on whether my side effects on the 25 mg are bad)

I told him that my husband and I were looking to have a child sometime next year and that I’d like to taper off of Lamictal but was open to the possibility of getting back on it should I encounter severe suicidal ideation and mixed episodes. He warned me against it and thought it was a bad idea.

He proceeded to say that it’s a maintenance medication, I have a lifelong disorder, it won’t just go away, my symptoms would probably return, I have a higher risk of attempting suicide, blah blah blah — am I aware of all these risks?

He explained people with bipolar depression after coming off of meds can actually be worse, undergo severe depressive episodes, have more suicide attempts, and yadda yadda yadda. To sum it all up, I was risking my life just to get off of Lamictal.

My pdoc was trying to scare me into staying medicated.

He then added if I really wanted to come off of my meds, I could “just stop.”

WHAT?! My eyes flew open.

He stated he’d had patients who had stopped cold turkey without a problem. According to him, anticonvulsants don’t have severe withdrawal effects.

WHAT?! His advice just flies in the face of what most doctors recommend. In fact, quitting Lamictal immediately increases the risk of seizures, which is exactly what I’m afraid of.

Philip’s experience and Gianna’s experience along with the comments on each blog are proof that many people have experienced tremendous withdrawal effects from decreasing Lamictal’s dosage. In the past, I’ve quit Paxil and Lexapro cold turkey — both with not-so-good results to put it mildly.

I insisted that I wanted to come off of it slowly so he said I could just cut my 200 mg pills in half and jump down to 100 mg and stop after 2 weeks.

For real? Two weeks, doc? I had a plan that would take me over a year and you’re reducing it to a mere two weeks? On 100 mg dosage?

Again, I insisted that I wanted to take more time. He reluctantly wrote me a 30-day prescription for 100 mg and said since I was off the medication, I had no need to see him anymore. “Good luck,” he flatly told me.

When I came home after the appointment (and a bitching session to my husband), I remembered that I’d stashed a few 150 mg pills away sometime ago after I jumped back up to 200. So as of Wednesday, my arsenal included:

  • A bottle of six 150 mg pills
  • A bottle twenty-five 200 mg pills
  • A prescription for thirty 100 mg pills

I dropped down to the 150 mg on Wednesday and have been doing all right so far. I intend to keep myself at 150 mg (cutting the 200 mg and the 100 mg in half) for at least 2 weeks, then drop down to 75 mg for 2 weeks and then 50 mg for 2 weeks. I’m most worried about coming off of the 25 mg. This is a way more accelerated plan that I hoped for but I’ve got to work with the cards that I’m dealt.

We’ll see what happens.

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  1. Any updates on this. Let me know because I am going through the same thing. Sick of all the med’s I take and cutting them down or out.

  2. I just found this board. I just started taking Lamictal 5 weeks ago. The doctor put me on it after having been successfully treated with Lexapro and Wellbutrin. I told him I was under a lot of stress and seemed to have a short fuse. That’s when he suggested Lamcital. I am not bipolar and never have been.
    However, after being on Lamictal and Wellbutrin together (starter pack) I am now up to 100 mg of Lamictal. Blurred vision, headaches, brain freezes and get this … suicidal and homicidal thoughts accompanied by increased rage.
    Duh … thought that is what we were trying to treat. I finally figured out that my reactions are perfectly normal to stress (and I am under a lot) and psychopharmacology is what I don’t need.
    I have tried several SSRIs for depression and Lexapro works best and I only need a small maintenance dose.
    This stuff is messing with my brain. I hope the damage is not permanent. To his credit, when I called my doctor about this he said to get off the lamictal NOW. I go back to 50 mg for 2 weeks and then 25 mg for 2 weeks and meanwhile start back on Lexapro.
    The only reason he is tapering me off is because I had a very bad experience with Effexor and he doesn’t want a repeat.
    So, if you are not bipolor and do not have seizures I would suggest that you stay off this medicine.
    In every interaction with people I have to maintain tight control and remind myself that I am on a powerful medicine and I am having a reaction to it. If I don’t the drug induced rage takes me places I’ve never been and don’t want to go.

    1. doctor puy on lamotrigine 3months ago having trouble w/ant ssri for anxiety stop cold turkey any trouble w/dizzy sym any help 6day off
      thanks rick

    2. I had the same experience. On Wellbutrin 150 XL daily and Lexapro 5 mg daily for years…was kind of stable. Then had a nervous breakdown and the doc I saw once said I may be bipolar and put me on Lamictal….instant hate for this med. Horrible side effects at just 25 mg, swollen glands, very painful, sinus congestion…then kept me off for a week,t hen back on and the side effects went away a little. I got up as high as 100 mg and through out the entire 6 months of being on the dreaded me, I had horrible anxiety attacks at least twice a week. Never used to have them this often at all. So I tell the new psych what I feel this med is doing and he didn’t believe me…sayign that if anything this should stabilize your moods. I’m like I took it and I know how it changed me…my sis and Fiance both commented on the sudden changes after starting Lamictal.
      So…I am finally off it, been about 2.5 weeks and no anxiety attacks. Only on Wellbutrin 300 mg now and feelin ok…depressed, but at least not anxious and hitting myself! Oh and the psychiatrist didn’t take me off it…he said, if I feel it is making me feel worse then I can go off it…he suggested I stop since I was only at 75mg…but I chose to decrease over a month…and glad I did.
      If you feel this med is making you feel worse, then you are not alone…get off it if you need, but slowly and safely. Still have a Psychiatrist so that if anything worsens, you have that support.
      Depression and Anxiety…SUCK!

      1. I am waiting for the doctor to call back with my new prescription of Lamictal. I have been on 200mg for about 3 years. In conjunction with Abilify and Citalapram. I have taken the medication separetly and have gotten nauseaus ( spelling is terrible. sorry) for 3 hours every time. Its weird because when I even get the pill out of the container my body instantly starts getting sick and i havent even taken the med yet!!! My body must know more than me. I have 3 kids and am scared to death about the side effects. I am on these meds to keep me pretty stable although I am still a crazy mess most days. Bipolar and Manic Depression has hit my family down the list from the great great grandma. I am so afraid. Please pray for a balanced withdrawl and a positive outlook.

      2. I have been to MANY doctors and no one will listen to me. I know who I was my whole life and Lamictal is making me completely crazy, unstable, emotional, angry and the list goes on. I am getting to the point of complete hopelessness. I want off this so bad. I am now up to 300 mg per day. I think I may take some of the advice I have read here and start the process myself. I hate these doctors. No one bothered to tell me the horrible side effects of this drug.

        1. hi hope all goes well, I am in the process of stopping lamictal, thank the Lord. I am dizzy at times numbness in feet, ankles and forearms. I am so excited to get off this med. Please respond to about any symptoms you may have, thanks.

    3. Try EMDR amazing therapy….. check out on You Tube interviews of Shapiro. Check out her book at the library. Is helping so much as ive gotten off lamictal all the way.

  3. My wife is experiancing dizzy spells as she is weaning off Lamotrigine.150’s-75.
    Any one having similiar experiances?

    1. I had a very similar experience. I ran out and of my 150 mg tablet’s and didn’t get the prescription until the next day, less than 24 hours and I felt like I was dying. I was dizzy, I felt like I might pass out or have a seizure. By the time I got to the drugstore my vision was so affected I thought I was not going to make it to the counter. NEVER stop abruptly! I have researched this drug and read many forums I most people say they have horrible side effect’s from trying to come off this. My advice is to do it very slowly–very.
      Good luck

      1. yea i went off lamictal cold turkey and just now am feeling really bad withdrawal.i can’t sleep,i’m getting the shakes alot.consistantly.i’m pregnant too and that’s why i went off lamictal cold turkey because of the risk that my baby could get cleff lip or clef pallet.these withdrawal symptoms are pretty bad.

  4. I have been weaning off of Lamictal (100-75-50-25) for roughly 6 months because I wanted to make sure I would do ok without the meds….I have been taking the 25 mg for approximately 1 months but have just discontinued it starting this week. I am experiencing some vertigo and maybe some tight chested feelings (anxiety?). Also, I have noticed a significant drop in my hunger.

    1. Well? What happened?? I see this was 3 years ago…did you have another healthy baby? Were you able to succsessfully wean off the med without kiiling anyone?? I am 43, may be pregnant and have been on this med for 6 years. Scared to death to go off, scared for the possible pregnancy to stay on…can you help?

      1. I was five months pregnant with our baby girl before I even knew I was pregnant. I have been taking 150 mg of Lamictal for about 3 years. The doctors and I decided getting off the medication while I was pregnant would be too dangerous for me and the baby. Our baby girl was born 7 lbs 10 oz and perfectly healthy! I even decided to breastfeed for the first month and she is doing wonderfully. I have read several cases of pregnant women on Lamictal having healthy babies. Trust yourself and do what feels right to you. Many blessings!

        1. I am terrified Heather. I really wish there were an easier way. I am just going to try it. I hate this medication!!

          1. I tried three times to come off and always struggled with BAD withdraw effects until I found “The Road Back Program”. It is a program that has people take a bunch of supplements while they ween off and it helped TREMENDOUSLY! No more bad withdraws. You should look it up and see if it helps you too.

            1. Try reduce 25mg at a time. This is how I do it. I reduce 25mg at a time, then stay on that dosage for a month. Then, reduce another 25mg, stay on that dosage for a month, and so on. I experienced very little, if any, withdraw syndrome from this remedy. I felt my mind was more clear when I reduced it down to 50mg. Will let u know how I feel when I am totally off it.

              1. Unfortunately, reducing the lamicatal by even 10 mg gave me bad withdraws after a few days on the new dosage. I needed the supplements to help. I took and XR though so that may be why it was harder for me.

                1. I am on XL too. I found it has more and stronger side effect than the regular ones. In your case, you can try reducing it by 5mg. I was on 150mg daily, which is very low dosage as per doc, before I decided to get off it. Maybe that’s why I have easier time than you. If supplement works for you, go for it. Everybody is different.

  5. I just started weaning off of Lamictal 3 days ago. I had been taking 400 mg for 5 years and I want to have another baby, so I’m tapering by 25 mg every two weeks. I am so scared that my symptoms will come back and with a vengeance. I am bipolar, type II. I’m petrified that I will be pregnant and start having severe mood swings and then I’m stuck, I can’t do anything about it. I have a wonderful husband and my psychiatrist is the best but I’m afraid I won’t be able to do this and I desperately want another baby, I have a 7 year old. Adoption is out, who the heck is going to give a baby to a bipolar woman? Just venting. Thanks for listening.

    1. I am in the same boat and doing this for the first time. I am taking 450mg daily and I’m petrified too. If you’d be willing to talk with me, that would be great.


    2. Well? What happened?? 🙂 I see this was 3 years ago…did you have another healthy baby? Were you able to succsessfully wean off the med without kiiling anyone?? I am 43, may be pregnant and have been on this med for 6 years. Scared to death to go off, scared for the possible pregnancy to stay on…can you help?

    3. If you receive this message please let me know how it went for you! I am in the same boat and feeling hopeless!!!

  6. I had a friend who was experiencing bipolar depression. he doesn’t want to be around with anybody. We are trying to reach him out but the problem was, he wasn’t reach out back. Effort was useless. Talking to somebody is the best therapy, that was his doctor. To change your healthy lifestyle start from within, so if my friend doesn’t reach out back, its up to him.

  7. I want to stop taking this too, I actually want off all my drugs I’m on. My psychiatrist never calls me back and quite frankly, sucks and dicks me around. I’ve only been on this for almost 2 weeks and I’m still at the 25 mgs (orange starter kit). I’ve only been diagnosed w/ depression and anxiety but have severe mood swings as of late. I’ve had gastric bypass surgery and my psych doesn’t seem to take that into account-just keeps piling on the meds. I’m going today to my primary care doc to get hormone testing. At 29 years old, no kids I shouldn’t feel this way! Do you think it’s safe since I’m not that far in to my lamictal to just stop? I have a call into the psych but it’s been 2 days.

    1. At 25 mgs, it’s the starting dose so if you want to stop taking it, you should be okay. Good luck with your primary doc.

            1. I was on 200mg lamotrigine and a bunch of other stuff like Lexamil, Geodon and Seroquel. I went cold turkey on all of them about a month ago and i haven’t experienced any withdrawals at all. Funny enough all of the symptoms I was having while on the meds have disappeared… Kinda makes you think don’t it…

  8. I have been on lam for about a year and a half or so. I accidentaly ran out of them and couldn’t get them for a couple of days. So pretty much I was quiting cold turkey for a couple of days. I was was so sick. I felt like I had to puke every 15mins. Now I am very aware of the difficulty I would have trying to get off for something like pregnancy in the future. One important thing to have is a good psyc/doc. If you don’t then you are pretty much on your own for the situation and that is really difficult.

  9. Sometimes we all get taken in by what we think is going to happen, what the shrinks want us to think will happen, what the drug companies want us to think will happen and we talk ourselves into these side effects. Once you taper off, nothing new will happen–you will still be bi-polar, but no worse than what you were before. Remember, when you are off medication and feel the mood swings, try to be aware that it is a chemical in your brain that is doing this and try to push the feelings and chemical, back, add to this awareness and control meditiation and some eastern thinking and relaxing–and reward yourself., Try exercising, massage…and everything else that makes you feel better. Just remember that a lot of stuff is bullshit and they want us to believe it and it becomes pyscho-somatic,

  10. I recently found out I was pregnant I have been taking Lam for almost two years. I decided just not to take them anymore because of the pregnancy. Is quiting lam cold turkey ok or should I taper off.

    1. Quitting a drug cold turkey is never advised and I’d recommend that you’d work with your doctor (or a supportive one) in tapering off safely.

    2. I agree exactly with what Kass said. I’m planning on getting off Lam too, but I’ve heard that you can do some permanat damage if you dont come off of it correctly.

  11. I started on Lamictal about 15 months ago. I was on Lexapro for over two years and quit cold turkey. I started getting my depression and anxiety severely and went to see a new psychiatrist. He spoke to me for 15 minutes and said, “oh, you are bipolar 2.” I recently changed doctors after the first one kept adding drugs to the point I ended up in the hospital because of suicidal tendencies. They put me back on Lexapro. Now my doctor is allowing me to come off the Lamictal and has reduced me from 300 mg to 200 mg. I go to see him in a month. Wish me luck!

  12. I started on lamotrigine 2 years ago. The shrink who got me started would turn his back to you and type as you spoke. I never got more than 10 minutes a session. I was there for depression. I was having terrible side-effect with effexor. He put me on Cymbalta which was terrible too. I have hell going up on these drugs and hell getting off. He seemed annoyed that these were not working for me, so then he decides I am Bi-polar. Just out of the blue! He gives me lamotrigine going from 100 mg to 200 mg in a 2 month period. Each time I experienced terrible flue-like symptoms and exhaustion for 2 weeks. I have had 2 years of weird skin problems that the doctors can not clear up. I am convinced they come from lamotrigine. I want off this poison also and will take a year to do it. But a broke of a tiny piece for 4 days and got massive depression. It is hard to explain to the doctors that the depression these drugs give you are far, far, worse than the depression you are trying to clear.

    1. I’ve been on Lamictal for almost 10 years. I’m wanting to get off all of my meds. It seems every time I go to the doctor I end up on another med. I’ve been out of work for almost a year and simply can’t afford all of them anymore. In addition to this, I’ve been having all kinds of weird skin conditions that they doctors can’t clear up also! I thought I was the only one. It’s been going on since on the Lamictal but the doctors swear it’s not from the drug. After reading your post, I think it is. I’m going to take my time, but I’m getting off it as well.

  13. I’ve been on 100mg on lamictal and 600mg of trilpetal since 2005, that’s five years and have not had any problems on meds. I had my first episode at 21after my mother died in 1996. When I went back to school I quit my meds (risperdol and depakote) and was fine until 2004, seven years with no meds and no problems becuase I was busy, focused and balanced on my own. When I moved back into my childhood home the anxiety came back. I didn’t feel well in my environment. I seem to relapse when I have violent or negative people around me. But since then, I earned my doctorate, I am a yoga instructor (and know what it takes to live a balanced life), I have a place and full time job and a wonderful boyfriend. Now, I would like to taper off because I’d like to pregrant in about a year or so. My doctor said he would take me off trileptal which is the most dangerous of the two. I’ll have to see what he says about lamictal. When I go one day without it, my skin feels dry and I’m a little dizzy. I don’t ever get depressed anymore but when I do get mildly manic, I can control it more because I know what’s going on. I’ve never written about this on-line before and I appreciate the advice and honest dialogue on this site. Thank you.

  14. I have been on Lamictal/Lamatrogine since 2008. About 6 months into it I became really paranoid and started feeling as if I was dying. I think it is hypercondria. I need to wean myself off of it. If I come off of it will I loose those thoughts. can I live a normal life again. I have 4 children and I need to loose this hell that I in. I am a prisoner in my own mind. Help me please.

    1. Taper very slowly. At Gianna’s Beyond Meds site and on the Benzo Withdrawal forum and Surviving Antidepressants you can get information on a liquid titration method which will allow you to make small cuts. You MUST come off any and all psych meds slowly. Any drug that affects neurotransmitters causes your brain to adapt and change itself. When you remove the drug your brain cannot function right, unless you wean your brain off it slowly, so it can slowly re-correct its chemistry.

      Most people recommend tapering one medication at a time. If you taper more than one at a time (like I am doing) you must taper them all more slowly than you would individually.

      A realistic time frame for tapering off a drug someone who has been on psych meds for five years or longer is AT LEAST a year and probably several, depending on how many different meds and what the dosages were. Probably about one year per med, but you must adjust according to your own body and mind’s reaction.

      Be aware that the symptoms of withdrawal will usually mimic whatever you are supposedly taking the drug for, so your doctor will probably call it a “relapse” and try to give you MORE meds, when what you really need is a slower taper.

      I cannot recommend highly enough the works of Dr. Peter Breggin and the book Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker. Anyone on psych meds or with a loved one on psych meds should read these.

  15. I have on Lamictal/lamatrogine since 2008. About 6 months into it I noticed a huge change, I became paranoid. I thought I was dying. I almost feel like a hypercondriac. Does anyone feel the same? Will these feelings go away after i am off the meds? I am a prisoner in my own mind. I want my life back. Please help or give me some advice…

  16. Lamotrigine affects the wood element relating to the chinese elements. Find an acupuncturist to give to supplemental herbs to balance you out.

    As somebody who has successfully gotten off of all my drugs with the help of alternative medicine and supplements, I realize that it is you belief that will influence your successs. If you believe you need the drugs, there will always be a placebo effect. good luck

    1. I have been on Lamictal for almost 4 and 1/2 years (prescribed to me as a mood stabilizer), and have gone off both Effexor in the past (which wasn’t pleasant but also not as bad as I have seen others describe) and last year after having a medication induced seizure due to an increase in dose of Wellbutrin XL, I went off of that as well. It scares me that such things can happen as side effects of these medications, and I really want to go off Lamictal because of other side effects, but am nervous of the consequences emotionally. Part of me thinks I’m ready and can handle it, but I’m still nervous.

      I am very interested in the option of alternative medicine and supplements and going off all the medications I take because of side effects, which is currently the birth control Kariva, Xanax as needed, and Lamictal, and it makes me feel not so nervous to see that it has worked for you Lisa. You also say that acupuncture worked for you? I’m curious about this alternative medicine option…so if you have anymore incite about that I’d really appreciate your input.

    2. Hi,

      My partner has just come off lamotrigine and gone cold turkey and this was over 3 weeks ago. unfortunately he is experiencing a combination of all the side effects others have already mentioned. I am really interested to know more about the acupuncturist as alternatives. Could you expand on what they gave you etc.


      1. I was put on Lamictal 3 years ago by my nurolagist due to severe migraine head aches. I was also dianosed to have a mild case of by polar by the pdoc. He never put me on any meds. I guess he didn’t feel I needed them. I was fine too! So now I told the nurolagist the pills don’t seem to be helping me I feel no different. I would like to get off them. I saw his assistant that day & he said he couldn’t help me get off because I have been labeled by polar. He said he would lose his job if I got off & maybe I would go out & kill somebody. I was so insulted by what he said. I’m not a pill person at all. I’m only on colesterol medicine & blood pressure medicine. Besides the lamictal. I only went on it because I thought they would help my head aches. I had no idea this kind of drug was so awful to get off from. So now this doctor says I have to go to a pdoc to get weaned off. Well I only saw a the pdoc one time. I don’t have a pdoc. I really never had a problem. Except for my head aches & this is why I went to a nerolagist in the first place. Now i have this awful drug I have to wean myself off from because of them. Doctors are too quick to put people on these kind of drugs. So now I have to find me a pdoc to try to get off this awful drug. I’m so upset with these doctors.Or try & wean my own self off from it. Another pdoc would probably tell me to stay on them because again I’m labeled by polar now.

  17. I am considering going from lamictal to lamictal extended release. Has anyone ever done this before? I am on 900mg/day and Ideally i would like to get off completely. I am very fearful of the side effects of withdrawl. Does anyone have any information they can share about withdrawl. Is there some one who has successfully discontinued it? I do not take it for depression, but figured the withdrawl symptoms would be same.

    1. It’s been a long time since this post, but I want to know if you got off the med and how it went. I’m on 700mg for temporal lobe seizures. This med is causing me to go bald. The endocrin doc said lamictal affects the ability to grow back in not make it fall out….anyone out there going bald too? Plus I was not bi-polar but now am, which I found when trying to cut back. I hate this medication….it’s abuse. I’d rather have seizures….seriously…..they didn’t disrupt my life near as much as this ned.

      1. First of all, you need to talk to your doc first. Everybody is different.

        My personal experience is that reducing dosage 25mg at a time, and stay on that dosage for a couple weeks before you reducing the dosage again.

        I had withdraw syndrome when I tried to cut back 50mg at a time.

  18. I’ve been on lamotragine, seroquel and clonazapam for 4 years for anxiety, depression mood swings. I was diagnosed as manic depressive. I have asked my doctor that i really want to come off of these medications by tapering off. She said I would be on these medications for life. i go for therapy on a regular basis and feel that im ready now to come off of them. I recently came across a website called Point of Return I was wondering if anyone has heard of them or has had any experience with them.

  19. I have been on Lamictal for 15 years. I started it and Topamax to replace Depakote for seizures, there is a history of bi-polar in the family so it was the best drug choice. A month ago I had to chose whether to increase it again or find something else. Extended use of any medication causes damage to your body. My kidneys are the one’s suffering but I was taking 600mg a day. I am currently reducing mine 75mg weekly, with the exception of the mentrual week. The first thing I noticed was I was unable to sleep. Could easily be up for 24-36 hours then only sleep 3-4. Pain pills etc didn’t help much to get sleep. The thing that helped the most was to eliminate caffeine. Another thing I noticed was when you come off lamictal it is like having your brain thaw out. There are emotions, feelings, and memories that you have that you haven’t felt in a long time return. Good luck people !

  20. I am on lamotrigine 175 in am and 200 in pm. I want to have children and will have to come off of it. How long does it take to wean off of it and after that, how long does it take to get out of your system? Does anybody know?

  21. Hi

    My doctor recently diagnosed me with bi-polar and said that I should start taking lamictal to balance me out I was feeling very suicidal.

    Well after reading things about this drug I think he is a bit crazy.

    They say you have to slowly build up on this drug but he told me to take 200mg everyday from the start.

    Well I did what the doctor said thinking he knows best and after 1 week I started to have really bad panic attacks ive never had them before in my life and the most messed up dreams and it was really freaking me out.

    So I just stopped cold turkey thinking that taking this crazy drug anymore will only make things worse.

    Well its been 3 days now since I stopped and im still feeling really bad.

    Can you tell me your experience on this and how long it will take to stop feeling the withdrawal symptoms I know everyone says you should not stop cold turkey as it is really dangerous but i was only taking it one week and my body was telling me that this stuff really doesn’t agree with me.

    my e-mail is

    Thanks very much

  22. I’ve been off of all medication, lamictol and trileptol since I found out I was pregnant in march. I didn’t feel any withdrawal symptoms, probably because I was taking very little, only at night. I had a misscarriage, due to stress and maybe becasue of medication but I’m not sure. I feel great now. Just married and we’ll be starting a family soon. So it’s doable. My doctor was very supportive and he says I’m balanced and doing well:) I hope to not be on medication any time soon or ever. I was diagnosed with biplar but I do yoga, eat right, keep busy teaching and lead a positive lifestyle. Good luck!

  23. Hi everyone-

    I hope that everyone’s journey off and on Lamictal is going well. I have read a lot of posts about this medication and would like to share my story. I started taking Lamictal in Nov 2008. It took over a year for me to find my therapeutic dose, which was 400mg. Once I hit that number it was like magic. I was the calmest, most tranquil I have been in a long time. I took it for a year at 400mg, and it worked wonderfully. I AM a mental health professional, so I know that in order to feel better with a mental disorder it is incredibly important to not only take meds, but TALK TO A THERAPIST you trust. Also, no or restricted caffeine, some daily exercise, and eat well! Having a mental disorder is like having any other disability, you have to live a healthy lifestyle in order for you to feel better.

    It gets really frustrating when looking for the cocktail that will work, for me it took years. If your psychiatrist isn’t working with you, find another one. Same goes with therapists. Not all doctors are created equal. Good luck in your personal journeys for peace and don’t give up! You’ll find it. ❤

  24. I’m on a very low does of lamotrogine 75mg a day – and even at that low dosage its given me fatigue.
    Initially it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders when I started to take it as I felt mental clarity for the first time in years…..however i did get the allergic reaction to it, which you need to be careful of…i had to come straight off it and when the doctor put me on it again i had to start in tiny dosages i think they were as low as 10my to start with over a 6 week period….so going straight to 200mg sounds like madness to me.

    Has anyone else got problems getting out of bed on their medication or any tips on how to overcome that?

  25. I have been on lamictal for about 5 months now. Built up gradually to a daily dose of 200mg. The biggest side effect I have is the ability to think of words when speaking. I have also noticed that I have suffered greatly in the performance of my short term memory and remembering peoples names. It has, however, really helped stabalize my mood. I have also noticed that taking a good dose of Niacin seems to help it work better. I am hoping to get to a point where I can come off of all medications. What kind of a time line have others found? How long before you can come off of the med?? or is this a lifelong med?


    1. Page back up a ways, I posted a reply to someone else asking for advice in getting off meds.

      Be careful, go slow, and believe in yourself and your worth and sanity.

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  27. Hi all,
    I’ve only been on Lamictal for about 5 wks. Just titrated up to 200 mg. 2 wks. ago. Not diag. Bipolar, unspec. depression and anxiety. Pdoc decided the Lamictal wasn’t helping (not much change in symptoms, but increased feelings of aggitation) so she told me to take 50 mgs. for the next two days and just stop. WHAT? Is this ok to do? Not sure since I’ve been on this only for awhile, but she did have me titrate up slowly. Would love some help w/ this as I’m supposed to go to 50 mg. tomorrow and I’m scared to death I’m going to go into psychosis or something, Thanks!

  28. I am just hitting the tail end of my titration. I have gone down 25mg a week for the last 6 weeks. The first two were a freaking nightmare (migraines every day, really dizzy…) I am going completely off tomorrow (from 25mg to 0). I actually feel pretty good! In the past, I ran out of the meds and had no choice but to stop for 6 days. I had to sleep for 3 of them because the effects were so bad. The reason I am going off is because we’re about to start a family. Best of luck to all backing off… just like others said: back off of it slooowly.

  29. Chelsea-if you don’t mind me asking, what dose were you on and for how long? Just wondering b/c of my pdoc telling me to quit so quickly. Also, did you notice a drop in your appetitie or anything? i’ve read about that happening to people and I would gladly welcome this symptom! Thanks!

  30. Hello everyone:

    My sister has been off Lamictal for 2 months. She has had red spots come and go and she is in terrible pain right now. She can’t even walk, she said, “It feels like my nerves are trying to crawl out from under my skin.” I am worried her doctor took her off of it to quickly. Has anyone ever felt this? I keep looking all over the place and I am just worried about her. Any help would be great! Thank you.

    1. Hi Brandie, I have suffered with mainc Depression since 11, I am now 39. Have been taking Lamictal since 2005, I had 2 episodes since then and that was because I went off. First of all, you are a sweetheart for caring so much about your sister. I do not know where I would be without my family. I guess my question would be why was she taken off and was there a correct diagnosis? Myself and all the folks i know have done excellent on lamictal. The hardest part of having a mental illness is acceptance and time. It takes time to find the right med, they all work different for different folks. Keep up the fight, Do not give Up, take care of yourself:)
      Excercise, Healthy Eating, The Medicine, Therapy, and a Good Doctor and Support System is key for your sister.
      You may want to check into RI Discovery, it is a cognitive behavioral method started by a psychiatrist, Dr. Abraham low. It is kind of like the AA of Mental Health World. It has been an amazing help for me and a millions of others.
      God Bless You and Keep You, Kim
      My email is

  31. When I first contributed 9 months ago I was coming off 600mgs of Lamital and 600mgs topamax. It took 4 months to do both and was sent to a psych for observation. The end was the worse because my perspection of the world was distorted. Feeling emotions I hadn’t felt in years and walking across streets getting dizzy. I was put on Depakote so I would not go into massive seizures. I feel like my head is finally back on straight but if you get put on it you have to watch eating habits.

  32. My 44 pound six year old daughter is taking 50 mg a day of lamotrogine. She was put on it because of seizures at age 3. She has only had one seizure in the past year, and it was a febrile seizure. My daughter’s seizures only happen when she first falls asleep. I want to get her off of the medication because of the side effects, and I truly believe any febrile seizures are going to happen anyway with this medication. The Dr says he can see from her brain scan that it isn’t quite normal, but I still want her off of it, because I think my daughter is having cognitive side effects, she just doesn’t remember things, even if we talk about things a few minutues ago. But she also remembers longer term things. I don’t know what to do or get my dr to do, because my wife doesn’t ever question what the dr says. Any help???

  33. I was on it for 15 years for seizures. I would get her off of it. But first I would make sure she is not having seizures in her sleep. Any loss of memory is usually caused by the seizure itself. There are drugs like phenobarbitol that can decrease cognitive skills. I have been on a variety of seizure drugs in the last 37 years and would recommend depokote if it is appropiate for her particular type of seizures. If you do take her off of medication there is a likelihood seizures can resume at puberty.

  34. Hi, just wanted to see if anyone knows how long approximately do the withdrawal symptoms last? I have gone off of only 50mg of Lam after a 6months on and I am feeling awful. It has been a week now and it’s getting worse. Blurry vision, horrible depth perception, absolutely emotionless and overall confused and disconnected. I didn’t have any side effects just thought I didn’t need the pills. Felt good so thought I couldn’t be bipolar! Now I remember why I went on the pills in the first place. Just want to feel normal:-(

  35. Our Dr agreed to give it a shot to let my daughter wean off of Lamotrigine. He said you need to slowly get off of it. We are going reduce the drug from 100 mg a day by 15 mg a week for six weeks. Meaning the first week she’ll take 85, then 70, then 55, etc. If there are no non-frebile seizures, we can keep her off the meds. If she starts having seizures for no apparent reason, we have to put her back on the drug.

    Marie, maybe you shouldn’t stop cold turkey, but do it more slowly.

    1. Hi Cynthia, If you are like me, and I am only assuming you have Bi Polar. You know feeling great and going into Euphoria are related. &5 mgs is not a lot. But as someone who has been at this for over 20 years and gone on and off sometimes with my Doc sometimes on my own, NEVER have had good results.
      My advice is if you did it with your Doc and properly and have support and a back up plan and you are doing great. AMEN and God Bless You!
      Email if you need ,

  36. I started taking lamictal 2 years ago after I went to my psychiatrist complaining of intense anxiety and depression. Since, I haven’t noticed any positive chance in my mental illnesses except that my anxiety and stress has gotten much worse (possibly due to other, environmental factors as well). I have been seeing a therapist to work on my anxiety disorders and would like to come clean of all medication. I feel like the lamictal clouds my thoughts and makes my mental state worse. I only take 200 mg a day but after reading this comments I’m becoming fearful of quitting the drug. I want to be done with it so badly, though… what should I do? How slowly should I come off of them if I decide to stop? When I first started taking lamictal that had me on 25mg for one week, 50mg for two weeks, 100mg for two weeks and then finally 200mg. Would it make sense to do the same thing but in the reverse order?

    1. Hi Katie,

      It is absolutely possible to come off Lamotrigine (Lamictal) successfully. I’ve posted about my experience below, if that’s any help. Personally, i would do it slower than the reversing the build up – that is based on physical tolerance, whereas coming off is about giving your brain time to re-adapt to not having the drug. I didn’t find doctors helpful because they were so pessimistic and seemed to be constantly on the look out for ‘relapse’ and saw every experience as that, but i really wished I’d had a supportive one, because it would’ve made it much easier, particularly for getting some short-term sleeping tablets at points. I found support, wherever you can get it, essential, so i hope you have some. Try and remember the effects you experience (if you do) are due to discontinuation of the drug and will pass. I wish you the very best of luck.


    2. Hi Katie, I have had BP since eleven years old and am now 39, you name the drug, the hospital, the treatment, been there done that.
      Althought he drugs can suck at times, the question you have to ask is the alternative better. People do not get that Mental Illness is a combo platter, there are many different , excuse me taking a minute to think of the word one of the side effects, wait a minute here it comes, okay here i got it. There are many different components and tools to use to stay healthy. The Drig is only one piece of the puzzle Hon, you mentioned Environmental Stress, Hello, Amen. What the “NORMAL” world does not understand that people like us are Ultra Sensitive to our surroundings, we feel and see things deeper than others, it is actually a gift and a curse at the same time, the trick is to hone in on it and utilize the gift you have, then you will bloom into a magical beautiful flower that God intended you to be.
      I work at a Spa, do volunteer work, I am a peer specialist to help others with what we have, and I beat to my own drum, I am different, I am Bi Polar, and I hate it sometimes, but i would not change the woman i have become for anything.
      Keep in mind, Mother Teresa had a Mental Illness, great dark boughts of depression, long periods of spiritual dryness and suffering. The list goes on and on for others who have touched this Earth and made it a more Beautiful Place to be.
      Do not Give Up on YOU!
      Check out a group called RI Discovery.
      One more thing, Keep your Mental health a Business, Not a Game. There is a plan for your life, trust in yourself and Gods Plan.
      God Love You, Kim
      Email if you please,

  37. I’m not a doctor, but my recommendation would be seeking a psychiatrist who will help you taper off of the medications. Tapering off on your own in reverse order is sensible, but listen to your body and if you’re having an adverse reactions, stay on the specific dose until your body gets used to it then continue to taper down.

    Other people with different experiences may disagree with me, but this is just my opinion.

  38. i have just found this website after coming down off Lamotrigine for a year – and i really wish I’d found it sooner! I decided to come off after starting a professional doctorate and learning that there is no reliable scientific evidence of a neurotransmitter or structural brain abnormality for depression, bipolar, anxiety disorders (except possibly PTSD) or psychotic disorders (that is, before people take psychiatric drugs; I can recommend good reading, if anyone is interested). i have been on Lamotrigine for 10 years, since i was a teenager, diagnosed with bipolar 1. i spent the better part of two years of my adolescence as an inpatient, a year of that against my will.

    I was on 250mg (whenever it was raised higher i would gets dots in my vision and pass out) and I’ve been mostly reducing it by about 25mg roughly every 3 months. The most important thing for me to remember has been that the effects i experienced when i come off are due to a discontinuation effect (that is, the brain adapts to the drug and therefore is in an abnormal state when the drugs are withdrawn, until it can adapt) and not relapse…it will pass. The main effects I’ve had have been extreme insomnia, frequent migraines, nausea and vomiting, elation, paranoia and visual disturbances. These have been most intense when I’ve become frustrated and cut down too much, too quickly. I’ve noticed they last about a month after each reduction and then i feel settled.

    I’ve had to do this without professional support, as the doctors i spoke to tried to scare or bully me into staying on it. It’s important not to break tablets in half (this will intensify the side-effects as they are designed to release over certain amount of time and so you get too much in the system at once) so I’ve had to get the right tablets from my GP (primary care doctor). Luckily, I’ve moved GP regularly and am a mental health professional so they a) trusted i knew what i was doing, and b) thought that my previous GP had agreed my reduction plan (because i told them this was so, whilst waiting for my notes to be transferred!). I’ve had to convince terrified family, who are now incredibly supportive, and I’ve had the support of colleagues and people in the survivor movement who have come off successfully.

    I have come to believe that my problems were due to a traumatic and abusive childhood, and that the mood swings, suicidality and psychosis are all meaningful and understandable in this context. Understanding myself, having others believe in me and leading a healthy lifestyle have been the key for me in coming off meds.

    i wanted to post this because i was told when i was still a child that i had a ‘brain disorder, no different to a physical illness’ (no-one mentioned that there was no actual scientific evidence for this or that it was hotly contested) and that i would need to be on medication for the rest of my life. By the time i was 20, I’d been on 17 different medications, many of which made me very ill (one almost killed me), both physically and mentally. I was given a very one-sided and pessimistic message (although i was told i could have a good life, as long as i took my meds), which i believed for many years. Now i believe something very different and I’m much happier.

    If we can survive whatever it was we experience that made us so distressed, if we can survive the distress and the mental health system (and i say that as someone who met many wonderful professionals, as well as some very bad ones, and as a mental health professional myself), then we have tremendous strength, courage and resources to survive withdrawal and to cope in a world that can be both wonderful and awful. I am now down to the last 25mg test dose and I’ll be stopping that in about a month. It’s been a very tough and rocky road, but i can actually feel fully again. i feel like a proper and complete human being with my full emotions back, even if they are hard sometimes. I’m working through my experiences (both the abuse and the mental health system) and my relationships have improved, largely because i can feel emotions fully. It’s truly wonderful, even the pain and darkness, in its own way, because it means i am alive. Furthermore, i believe i have control and the ability to change, in a way i never did when i bought into the medical model of the diagnosis. I wish everyone else the best of luck and want to express my respect for and belief in all of you.

    1. I have been taking Lamotrigine for bipolar for 15 years.

      Year 1-7: 25 mg
      Year 8-15: 300 mg

      I was on an extremely low dose for the first 7 years and was doing well until college life became very stressful. I saw a psychiatrist who raised my dose to 300mg and have been on that dose ever since.

      I have recently married and am looking to get off of my birth control around August if the tapering is successful. I have an appointment to see a psychiatrist in a few weeks and would like a personal goal that I feel comfortable with before speaking with the psychiatrist because I don’t want to fall into a trap of them pushing me to taper it off too quickly and I want this to be a successful experience.

      I am thinking of proposing to my psychiatrist that I lower my dose by 12.5 mg per week (decreasing by half of a 25 mg pill each week) but I would like to know whether you think this is still too quickly for my body to stabilize. I am also looking for your thoughts on how long you think I should be off Lamotrigine before trying to conceive. If I need to wait longer to begin trying for a baby then I am willing to take it slower but I am already 30 years old, so I don’t want to wait too long.

      I feel pretty comfortable getting to 25 mg since I was on 25 for 7 years and have since learned stress management techniques. I am am most concerned getting from 25 mg to 0.

      I understand that everybody is different and I will listen to my body, keep a “feelings” journal, and will be closely monitored by my family, friends, family practitioner and psychiatrist. I really, really want this to be a good experience and hope to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when I am done! Do you have any other suggestions?

      1. Hi Annabelle,

        congratulations on the marriage!

        Re. coming off and getting pregnant. I’m not a doctor, and I don’t have any knowledge about that, I’m afraid. I’ve also not been through pregnancy, so i can’t even give my experience. Perhaps there are others who can? You could also talk to pharmacist, or your GP or a midwife, or someone – might be helpful. Maybe it would help to think first what your specific questions are that you want them to answer about coming off and pregnancy (so you feel less pressured / influenced by their own beliefs). That’s something that’s helped me!

        Re. 12.5 reduction….it doesn’t sound to large to me at all and if that’s what you feel comfortable with, then it sounds right for you. I’d ask a pharmacist about the effects of breaking tablets in half. for some, this can lead to an increase in side effects. I thought Lamotrigine might be one of them, but I’m not sure.

        Sounds like you really know yourself and have a good plan and support for coming off. If you’re concerned about getting from 25 to 0, maybe you don’t need to make that decision yet. wait and see how you feel when you get there?

        Good luck and i hope it all goes well with your psychiatrist!

        Best wishes,

      1. Hello Moe,

        Rowena was responding to my inquiry so I assume you are asking me how my tapering is going.

        I met with a psychiatrist and he supports my plan to decrease very slowly. I have been decreasing by 25 mg each week for the last 7 weeks and am now at 125 mg (from 300 mg). I have had absolutely no side effects or withdraw symptoms and I feel normal. I have been keeping a mood journal, exercising regularly, and sticking to a sleep schedule. I am feeling less worried about going from 25 mg to 0 mg now but we’ll see how I feel after another month.

        I’m doing well and I hope others find assurance in this. I will post again next month.


          1. Well, I’ve been off for a week and a half and am feeling great. It’s hard for me to pinpoint the difference between being on and off the meds. But whatever it is, I am functioning just fine and am proud to be off it. I think it was scariest before I started tapering and it was a good choice for me to slowly taper off rather than suddenly stopping because I felt more in control of the process.
            I’m now on prenatal vitamins and look forward to getting off birth control in a few months. Lots to look forward to!

    2. Hello Rowena,

      I really appreciate your in depth description of what coming off of Lamictal was like for you. I am so happy to hear that you are doing well and thriving with out meds. I, myself began weaning off of 200 mg of Lamictal about two years ago. As of two weeks ago, I am taking 75 mg. Like you, I have been experiencing a lot of visual disturbances, insomnia, and anxiety. May I ask how long it took for such effects to settle down for you? Did you find that the withdrawal effects were more pronounced the lower the amount you took (even though you allowed enough time for yourself to adjust between wean downs)? Also, were you splitting your dose over the course of a day or taking it all at once? I am taking 75 mg in the morning and find that by around 8 PM, I feel this bizarre body/mind disconnect, in addition to having fleeting moments where I have this brain lock-up sensation and find it hard to speak. It is very frustrating and reduces me to tears every time it happens I am also curious to know if you are taking any nutrients or supplements for support in place of the meds? Any advice you can send my way would be hugely appreciated.

      Sending you my best wishes,


      1. Hi Grace and Moe,

        It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here so sorry for not replying to you both.

        Moe – thanks for the interest…the last 25mg were the worst for me in terms of physical withdrawal symptoms so I just stopped. This made me feel much better and it’s now been over a year meds free which I’m pleased with. Still adjusting to coping with life’s problems without being drugged out of experiencing it but I feel like I have different ways of understanding what’s happening to me now which help.

        Grace – hi and good luck with coming off! I found the withdrawal effects lasted for about a month after each reduction with the first couple of weeks the worst. I generally waited until I felt fine again before making another reduction which I think took another month usually. Yes I split my dose morning and evening but that’s also how I’d always taken it…the lowest dose I was taking was 50mg split as 2 25mg as when I got to 25mg it made me so physically sick I just stopped. So that was definitely the worse dose to be taking for me but was the easiest reduction (I felt much better when I stopped it). I don’t know if that answers your question properly or helps but good luck and it would be great to hear how it goes!

    3. Thank you so much for your detailed story. I have been on a relatively low dose of 100mg of Lamictal for almost 10 years. I decided to try and withdraw slowly b/c I was starting to feel extremely slow and my mental acuity was nil. Also my eye was starting to twitch which i thought may be related. My doc told me that there are no withdrawl symptoms and to just taper down by 25mg for two weeks. wrong! i had a headache, felt nauseous, fatigued, tingly, and just out of it. i only made it down to 50mg. i’ve been taking that for 6 months now. went back to the doc to get a prescription for 25mg and she was incredulous that i was having any problems and basically made me feel like i’m being a hypochondriac. she relented and prescribed 25mg and it’s the same thing. It’s super frustrating that my doc made me feel like i’ve just been imagining these things. hearing from so many other folks gives me hope that i’ll eventually be able to wean myself off and let’s me know that i’m not alone in this. thank you!

      1. You are NOT crazy. Clearly the people who made lamictal haven’t had to be on it themselves. The withdrawl effects were awful for me. I tried atleast four times and failed every time until I found “the road back program” the supplementade it possible for me to come off without withdrawl effects. Please google if you are having trouble. It definitely worked for me and they were so helpful and responsive to all my inquiries. (And I am in no way affilitated with them, just a VERY satisfied customer)

    4. I was on seroquel for 8 years. I just recently quit cold turkey at my doctor’s suggestion. I am pretty much going through everything that you are going through. How long did you taper off lamictal?

    5. Your post has given me so much hope! My life experience has been very similar to what you described of yours, and I had resigned myself to what I expected would be a lifetime with medication. There are times when meds are helpful and times when they can save lives, so I don’t want to imply that medication is evil or add to the stigma it often carries. I am speaking about my own personal experience with it. I have PTSD and multiple-medication-resistant major depression, which I now manage with ketamine infusions. I also have bipolar disorder. I am currently weaning off lamotrogine, with my doc’s support. I had been on 400mg for five years. I am experiencing the withdrawal symptoms of fatigue, body tingling (I call it the bee stings all over my body), gastrointestinal issues, nausea, confusion, vision disturbance, irritability, dizziness, among others. I am reducing by 10% a month, which is slower than my doc suggested, but my husband and I feel we should be cautious. Because we happen to be doing this during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is particularly challenging. We started this “project” prior to the virus hitting the U.S., so the world circumstances, combined with the neurochemical changes make for some very unwelcome dysregulation. This isn’t easy. But your positive message and words of encouragement are so helpful. Thank you!

      1. That makes me extremely happy that it offered you some hope. Withdrawing was horrible. I have been looking into ketamine therapy. Would you say it’s drastically helped you?

  39. I have been taking Lamictal (lamotrigine) for 4 years and have been on 200 mg everyday for most of the time. I also take Risperidone with it and I am only perscribed to take both pills at night. I am not bipolar my psychiatrist classified my mood swings as adolescent bipolar and told me when my body fully develops and my brain chemicals settle down I can stop taking my pills. I’m 19 years old. I stopped taking Lam about a week and a half ago completely. I don’t feel sick or different at all. My close friends have been watching me and they have said my moods have been stable and no different than when I was on my medication. I just want to know if it’s bad for me to have stopped cold turkey and if it is, do I have to start taking them again at a lower dose then start to increase until back to normal dose? One improvement I have noticed with not taking this med is I can wake up in the morning very easily. When taking Lam at night I needed a full 8 hours of sleep at least and even then waking up was a struggle. It made me so tired and I never ever thought to consider it could be due to the pills. If anyone can expand on that please let me know.

  40. I have been on Lamictal for years around 300-400mg dose. I have been weaned off it on numerouse occassions because it just poops out. I am then started back on it. I have never had any side effects coming off of it. Everyone is different so don’t take it all to heart. I am going off it again and being put on Trileptal for bipolar depression. A little worried I might get suicidal but wishing for the best. I wish you an easy exit off the stuff too.

  41. I started weaning from 400mg about 3 weeks ago and finished the wean last week. I have experienced occasional dizziness the whole time and some anxiety around the 100mg to zero drop. I had a weird muscle twitch for over a week under my eye (but I am also coming off of topamax…) I’ve actually felt better emotionally this entire time, but definitely anxious a few times. Now that i’ve been OFF for a few days i’m noticing my taste buds are really weak. Nothing tastes salty enough and all sweet things are enhanced to an unpleasant level. So weird!

  42. I’ve gone down from 250 to 0 mg. I’ve done this before and then had experiences that trigger severe anxiety/depression. I feel like now I’m in a good enough place to get over my need for mood stabilizers and just deal with the emotions as they come and go. I must admit that my desire to drink has increased substantially so I’m not sure what the lesser of two evils may be at this point. I go through periods of severe irritability and then become dizzy but all in all I feel its best to start working through these emotions instead of dulling them out.

  43. I’ve been on Lam for about 6-8 weeks, starting at 25 mgs for 10 days to 2 weeks ( i can’t remember), then 50 for about 2 weeks, then 75 for I think 2 weeks. My anxiety is through the roof. I’ve had an extremely upsetting 9 months and my doc said I was bi-polar, but I am 46 and have had enourmous stress in the last 9 months. I don’t think the diagnoses was right of bi-polar. I went to see her last week and said my anxiety is extremely high. She said it is not the drug it is me! She said it should work for anxiety. Well it is not!!!! I did notice an increase in anxiety during the 25 mg phase but was so upset I wasn’t sure it was the drug. About two months later the anxiety is so bad its debilitating. I dropped 25 mgs. after my visit with her. So now I am at 50mg for about 3 days and I was/am VERY ANXIOUS, although I was on the drug too. I feel like I need to get off it quickly, because the anxiety is killing me. Since I am only on it for 6 weeks can I cut down to 25 then 0?

  44. I do not think I am b-polar, I was diagnosed with MDD for over 10 years. I was in an upset state when she made that decision. I seriously doubt it. I don’t want to go through withdrawals but the withdrawals I’ve been experiencing for the past three days have been super anxiety, which ebbs a little during the day, then comes back. I feel it is the Lam causing the anxiety. I want to get off it, I can’t see being at this level of anxiety for three months or more tapering down. Even the 2mg Klonopin I take 3x a day does not seem to help this anxiety. I told the pdoc that. I think the only solution is to get off it.

  45. My doc put me on Lamictal for Mood Disorder NOS after my dad shot my step mom then himself and I had a miscarriage. It’s been over 2 years now, and I’m not so sure I was dealing with a mood disorder. Could it may have just been that I was going through a really rough time?? If all that won’t throw someone into hysterics I’m not sure what will. Needless to say, I’m ready to get off the meds. I was on 200mg and for the last 3 weeks I’ve been taking 100mg. I was trying to get a little insight on how I should taper down. I’ve had no side effects and feel just fine taking the 100mg dose. I’m happy to say that I am off all my anti-anxiety meds 🙂 Also, I was on 100mg trazadone every night, but have cut that down to 50mg for the last 3 weeks, too. Seem to be doing just great! I know there can be serious adverse effects from discontinuing meds, but how long do you guys think I should keep on the 100mg dose of Lamictal? Should I cut down to 50 soon?

  46. Hi guys. To avoid a huge back story about my mental health history (i have been on sooo many different things), I was prescribed Lamotrigine 4 years ago for bi-polar. My dosage was increased by my doctor from 150 to 200mg last year due to heavy anxiety, but then we came to the conclusion I am not bi-polar (as I was probably mis-diagnosed at age 18). I am trying to start a new life med-free, and am wondering if the following taper system is good or if it is too fast (I am weary of her methods and don’t completely trust my nurse practitioner). She suggested dropping from 200 to 150mg for 3 weeks, then 100 for 3 weeks, then 50 for 3 weeks, then stop. I am scared, but I want to do this. Any opinions? Thanks

    1. Hello Erica,

      I can provide an opinion (which is not medical advice). I decided to taper 12.5 mg per week and sometimes 25 mg per week. I am able to do this with a combination of 25 mg pills and 150 mg pills broken into quarters. I spoke with my psychiatrist about breaking up the pills and he said it was ok as long as I saw no adverse reactions. He trusts me to know my own body and to adjust as needed.

      For me, a drop of 50 mg is too fast. My goal was to taper so slowly that I can’t tell the difference week to week. If something strange comes up in my life (e.g. stressful week) then I may stay at that dose for a few weeks until things are stable in my life. This has worked well for me so far. I’ve slowly reduced from 300 mg in January 2012 to 75 mg today. My psychiatrist is supportive with whatever I want to do which makes me feel empowered. He is there to help and coach me but not to make decisions for me. If you don’t trust your nurse practitioner, there are many other people available. Keep hunting for the person you feel comfortable with. You are the client and you have every right to choose a different provider for any reason. I know this can be frustrating and time consuming so it is up to you to measure the benefit versus the cost of your time.

      Any way you choose to taper, I do suggest you keep a mood journal, keep your eating routine & healthy, sleep 8 hrs per night, work out five days per week, and talk to trustworthy people about how you’re doing.

      Good luck,

  47. Thanks so much for your thoughtful response 🙂 I have been such a mess and don’t know what the heck to do. I gave Zoloft a run a few weeks ago, but tapered off because the anxiety was too much (perhaps it would have started to work after a few weeks, but I guess I was just impatient). Now that the Zoloft is out of my system, I’m assuming my brain is back to pre-Zoloft state. I so badly wanted to be med-free, but sadly I am depressed and anxious and unfortunately feel that I do, in fact, need meds to lead a happy and productive life. SSRIs freak me out because of the withdrawl (if i ever have to go off them)….but that may be the only think that can help my obsessive thoughts which cause me anxiety :/ I am trying to eat well and exercise, although i have no desire to put food in my mouth, nor motivation to exercise. Still, i’m trying. It’s such a struggle. I will be going to see a new doctor who is osteopathic, so I really hope he has new insight that my other nurse practitioners didn’t have. I’m hoping for the best!

  48. Well,I’ve read thru all of your posts,hoping to find answers for myself.I have been on “Lamictal” , from Mar.9th using starter pac,to todayApr.24th-@200mg.I have been on antidepressants since 1992 when I first started Prozac.I am 54 now.all the years of switching to new and better ones,they work well for 2or3 yrs and just seem to stop,and I still have issues with terrible depression! Lamictal by far has been the worst,I cry many times a day,the slightest irratation makes me want to tear my home apart.I just hate life these days,my head is so full of negative thoughts,memories,shoulda,couldatype things….I feel bad because things Ive always enjoyed are a burden.Dont know what I’de do w/o my husband!And feel sorry for him to face this so regular now. SO, I have read so much on here I am more confused>Taking months to go off this doesn’t seem possible when you feel like you’re living from hour to hour.I know I’m pissy and tired of the pillpushers.Ihave been treated well at times for depression but early Mar. when he decided it was bipolar instead.They have no right to put you on a drug that could make you want to kill yourselfBut yet I need help………Good Luck to all of us hear.Thanks for listening to my whining.

  49. I just discovered this site and was shocked to read what your doc said. Because it is exactly word for word what my doc said. Same one??? I also am trying to get off lamictal. Have been taking it for several years. 200mg 2x a day. I am very dizzy, head ache, stomach ache. Maybe I’m going too fast?

    1. I am trying to get off lamictal myself been on it for years. Side effects are a nightmare trouble sleeping headaches very short tempered blurred vision but every time I have a seizure doctors want to up dosage.and tell me don’t try to get off this. Going crazy want off of meds is there anything I can, do

  50. We have a 9 year old aspergers son that was put on Lamictal about 9 months,ago. He takes 75mg in the a.m. and 75mg in the p.m. We had our reservations about putting him on it but we thought “Well the Dr. must know what she is doing” After 9 months we have not noticed a difference in his behavior. He still tantrums, meltdowns etc. So we have decided to start weaning him off of it. My husband called the Dr to let her know what we wanted to do and he basically got the I don’t give a s&^* attitude. But we feel that taking him off of it is the best thing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hi! You might want to look into the book “wheat belly” and maybe consider trying to get him on a gluten free diet and also try to see if he might have allergies to soy, dairy or sugar…. Sometimes there are other reasons and meds are not always the best solution…. Try reading the book and talking it over with your doctor! I do hope you find what works the best for your son! All the best!!

  51. I am also about to try going off of it. I’ve be on lamictal for probably 6 years. I’ve been doing so well, really stable and happy for years now which makes me curious whether I need it or not since I went on it when I was younger (around 21). I can’t accept that I’ll be on it for my whole life.

    I also may have children in the next few years so I figure I might as well try going off before I have to. The nurse who prescribes my medication said I can just cut the 200 mg pills in half. I’m not so worried about weening off but I am wondering about whether it is really okay to split the pill after reading some other posts.

    While I’m at it, I might as well mention that my sister was also diagnosed bipolar when she was younger and eventually went off medication cold turkey. She has been doing great medication free for at least 10 years but just had a baby and has pretty bad postpartum. Anyone have any thoughts on whether it’s related? Thanks.

  52. I am stopping my 200 mg / daily lamictal as of today…
    I am just stopping….
    no reduction….
    no with drawal…
    just stopping it…….
    I will post again if i survive this decision….


  53. I have been on Lamictal for like 3 months now and my shrink just upped my 200mg to 400mg because I told her that mess ain’t do anything for me. I’m still a stone nut and will cuss and or punch someone in a heartbeat. But I guess that’s just me because I been doing that all my life. Now the lorazepam she gave me mellows
    Me out a little bit. But as of 2 days ago I put myself back down to 200mg. Took 400mg for 2 weeks. I’ll take 200 for 2 weeks, 100 for 2 weeks, 50 for 2 weeks, and 25 for 2 weeks and be done with this mess. Withdrawal or not…I’m good! I work with doctors who can write me scripts for whatever I ask for. I only need a calm down pill every now and then. I was diagnosed bipolar II. I actually had to laugh when she said it and said to her…oh that explains why I’ve been called crazy all my life. Well I will not be on all that crap. I’ll keep you guys posted if you don’t see me on the news first!

  54. I really wish I could have written this back when this thread started. Lamotrigine/Lamictal can cause hypomania in bipolar patients at low levels. The key is to hang in there until you get up to the therapeutic range of 200+mg.

    I’m very stable on 200mg lamotrigine and 160mg geodon, but it took me six years to get here. At first I was on just geodon and the side effects made me miserable. So I tried lamotrigine, but it left me a little high. so i slowly worked my way up on geodon back to therapeutic levels of 160mg a day, all the while taking the lamictal/lamotrigine. BUT IT TOOK FOREVER for the side-effects to go away.

    But now I have a two-year-old running around, and I’m worried about the danger of her finding and taking the lamotrigine, which can be fatal without ramping up. Also, I think lamotrigine keeps me from being able to solve complex problems. It’s as if I can’t hold many variables in my head at the same time, and I’m a programmer, so I need that.

    I tried slowly getting off lamictal (I forget what the pace was) but when I hit the mid-range dosages I started to get hypomania — and I forgot that that’s what occurs at the mid ranges. So now I’m taking 2000mg fish oil every night, have been for about a month, in addition to the geodon, to see if it helps to stabilize me while I get off lamictal.

    But it’s scary. I’m very stable right now, have been for about 6 months, and here I go trying to mess things up. But if I can think more clearly and have that danger to my toddler out of the house, it would be well worth it.

  55. Hi all: I have suffered from and enjoyed depression/anxiety for the past 30 years. I have never gone unmedicated for any length of time. I find every now and then the drugs stop working and I consult with my Dr. who is great, and change to another SSRI. About 3 years ago, I went through a breakdown and was prescribed Cipralex, Wellbutrin and Clonazapine. After over 2 years, I found I was becoming this raging person and not someone my new husband recognized, although he is wonderful with me. I spoke to my Dr. and she referred me to a phsyciatrist this time. I went and saw him and after about a 5 minute review, he wanted me off the Wellbutrin. Gave me Lamotrigine and Clomapramine. Ok so now I am up to 4 different drugs. Started getting severe diahrea and ended up in the ER this morning so dehydrated, it took 3 bags of saline to rehydrate me. I am feeling better, however am certainly in a quandry about these drugs. I know I started feeling better almost immediately after I went off the Wellbutrin because apparently it can have some nasty side effects such as a raging personality and worsening depression. The Dr. I saw today indicated that it was the Lamotrigine that was causing the scoots. I am now going to ween off it and see this psychiatrist this Saturday. I am wondering what his opinion will be as the last time I saw him, I told him I was very leary of increasing the Lamotrigine. He would not explain his plan for me so I guess I am on my own until I find another psychiatrist. My husband worked as a counsellor for very high profile criminals for a number of years so he is very familiar with these drugs and different personalities. He has come to my first appointment with me and sat silent. He was not there for the second appointment, however he WILL be with me on Saturday. Some of these psychiatrists I really have to wonder about. I am wondering what hubby will have to say to the psychiatrist?!?!?! Not that I can’t hold my own, I just know how upset he is about this. My goal is to get off as much as possible, not to increase it until I am a zombie. Any thoughts? ….and thanks for listening….

  56. Once I ran out of Lamictal and after about a day I started hallucinating and had a psychotic break. I swear I never had problems like that before they started drowning my brain with medications 😦 they told me the same thing, that my “condition” is lifelong and that I can never go unmedicated ..and now I literally depend on it to live. I’ve tried to wean myself off 7 times and ended up in the hospital for attempted suicide each time.

    This country is overmedicated. And the doctors are idiots. Your doctor is a complete moron, from what you’ve described.

    1. Debbie, I came from 250 to 200 to 175 and felt bad a long time…then to 150…with each drop it was hell…felt very angry…didn’t have this problem before lamictal…and then took 100 for a year…now…at 75 for three weeks…my problem was when I took only 50 for a day…felt horrible last night…So, today took 100, and felt very much better. This stuff is nothing to mess with. I’m going to dr. (GP) for help Tuesday. She may refer me…Hubby is going with me for support. I HATE that i ever took this med…for 3 years! Changed my brain!
      I may end up staying on it, because getting off is so hard??????

  57. Hi..I have been on lamictal for 3 months for anxiety..Only got up to 100mg..Want off..I went to 50 mg for about 2 weeks, now at 25 for 3 weeks and thenn stopped. I have been off for 3 days, fe el horrible. But I have such anxiety, I think I am bringing this on myself. i am so dizzy, in a fog, just want to sleep.,help

  58. I have been on medication for depression and anxiety for over 25 years.
    Had ECT treatments- shock therapy. After coming out of the hospital put on Lamictal on 50 mg. I cannot tollerate medications. Have tried everything under the sun. I am trying to get off just 50mg slowly, freaking out, but was freaking out before. They don’t know anything about these meds. They cannot tell if they are helping you or not, only by our reply to them. I pray for all of you and myself. I pray that God would help us. This is a horrible to live a life like this and your family, husband, sisters can not understand this. I pray that God would help me and that these new Vitamins Cataplex B and Goldmaca for menopause will help me. I am going to try while I am out of work. That’s another thing, I can’t even work it I could find a job.

    1. Hang in there, Elaine, it can get better. One thing you might want to check is the amount you are taking. Lamictal’s anti-depressant affect only works in the 100-150mg a day range. So unless you have something wrong with your kidneys or are taking some other drug that interacts with it, 50mg is probably too low.

  59. I was misdiagnosed bipolar (have aspergers). I also had similar problems just tapering 1 dose a week back but I got some good advice and went to:

    Still working on tapering off Lamictal and Lexapro but doing alot better with the ideas found here. Don’t give up, it’s your life.

  60. I have been on lamotrigine for 4 years and the only reason I went on it, was because my doctor really forced it, and promised i would be better if I just waited it out and was consistent with the meds. After 6 months I was EXTREMELY paranoid. I felt like I was going crazy. I was in a terrible place at the time- and just wanted something, anything to help me see things clearly and actually feel again. Ever since the 6 month episode- I have been worse. My doctor continued to insist that I need to stay on it for longer to get the full result- though I told him numerous times that I didn’t notice any change but negatives. A year and a half later I went back to him saying that I want off of the medication. He told me that apparently he couldn’t help me anymore, and I’m Questioning his expertise- & to go to my family doctor to get off of it because I clearly don’t need him anymore. All I wanted was some direction. When you are so consumed in your thoughts it’s hard to stop the circles of insanity. So anyways.. I am now on lamotrigine and Effexor and it seemed to get a little better. I am wanting to get off of both of them. For now- I stopped taking lamotrigine 2 days ago, and I am just freaking out. All I want is to talk to someone that has successfully stopped taking lamotrigine to give me some hope. Please if anyone has fought the withdrawals enough to be successful- I could really use your help.

  61. I am on 300 mil of lamictal and now have tartive dyskensia. I do funny things with my mouth and my tongue is so swollen in my mouth I can’t stand it! We thought geodon might be causing it so I got off of that easily. Now I fear I will have a bad reaction in front of my children if I try and get off of lamictal. I was feeling great for a while when I was taking several anti-depressants and went off them and had a psychotic episode and wound up in the hospital. Thus I was put on geodon and lamictal for bipolar but had never had a previous manic or psychotic episode. These meds did take away my depression but left me with no love, emotion, or happiness. Now I have tartive dyskensia. I need to get off lamectal to see if that will cure it but I’m afraid of getting psychotic or suicidal. I could deal with this better if I didn’t have children because I could go to the hospital,but I can’t leave them and I don’t want them to know.

  62. I AM GOING DOWN FROM 250 several years ago to 200 for a year and 100 for a year….NOW, i AM trying to get off it, because i don’t think it ever did anything but raise my depression a bit….which if nice, but it wasn’t severe depression. I think I could have done it with exercise, positive thinking, and losing weight…healthy eating.
    So, now been on 75 mg. the last two weeks…very gripey…a couple of events of arguing in a friendly way with two people…
    So, gonna stay at 75 mg. IF depression should hit me, I will reconsider. hypomania was not a problem ever UNTIL I started going up on Lamictal…and stopped after a while. Hopefully my brain will heal as I go down slowly….Holidays are coming up…so don’t want to do things too quickly. Also take buspar for anxiety…small dose…and klonopin. Have to take klonopin twice/day now due to going down on lamictal…definitely gripier.


  63. Back to 100 mg. of lamictal today, because I was feeling sooo anxious coming down too quickly. Scared me! I have an appointment with a GP on tuesday with husband in tow to find out what she thinks…if she knows a pscyh. in the area, or if SHE will help me get off this stuff, or prescribe a low enough dose for a while????…and some more klonopin so i can keep it together. HATE sleeping 3 hours last night!

    1. hello x i’m a 52 year old female who has been on this med at 75mg daily for a few months due to the after effects from a craniotomy due to a subarachnoid haemorrage again due to an aneursyem which has now been clipped x I have become agressive so have taken myself off this med which was for Complex Partial Seizures and Abscenses due to the bleed x i feel frightened after reading many of the posts x I am struggling but have lots of support x i’m annoyed as i learnt that this med is for depression and that was why i was given this and not because of the seizures x if i confirm this to be true i am seriously thinking about taking action against those involved.hope everyone gets the help and support they need x a wellwisher x

  64. I was put on Lamotrine. By a doctor 12 years ago. For the wrong reason. Now that i have a great doctor who knows what hes doing got me off of this med. I suffer and have suffered for years and still suffering from it. Because of the old doctors mistake she had told me i had seizures. Which i never did. Maybe one. Shame on her. Now i have the right to sew her. Now im very careful of meds and doctors. I finally have peace having some awsome doctors. For all people that srtuggle do ytour own research. Doctors will tell you not to do it. But the hell ive gone thru and still am fighting it scares me. But il keep up the fight. So just believe in god he will help you. These doctors are nothing but pill pushers. Im not saying all of them. Also ive been blessed with my great husband. Everyone keep up the faith. And God bless

  65. Hi my name is Danyel Dotson I’m a 23 year old woman,I was put on Lamictal during my mid teenage years for epileptic life threatening grandmal seizures, doctor upped my dose to 400 mg and when I saw her this month I told her about my intense headaches and nausea,she agreed to wean me off,Last seizure was July 24th 2009,this is going onto the 3rd day of the weaning process,alot of my friends say God is healing me and I’m starting to believe that god might possibly be performing a miracle on me by healing me,but after I get weaned off how long will it take to leave my system completely? I did not think to ask her this question until now.So I really need to know ahead of time so I can be prepared. Thank you,Peace be with you and God bless you all.
    P.S. please pray for no break through seizures during and after the weaning process,as this is a huge and very risky step for me.

  66. I have been on lamical (300mg am and 200pm. I have yet to suffer a side effect. I have some serious problems and lamical is a great mood stablizer. I have a pshychiatrist who monitors me very carefully. Each person reacts different but for me it is a life saver. It should only be prescriberd and taken under the care of a psychiatrist, not a gp. Blair

  67. A doctor I had who treated everything with Lamictal said that to taper 25mg per week was okay. Good for you with your arsenal, though! Back with my old doc I have a bottle of 100mg XR and one of 50mg XR and no 25’s. Good on you, though. I’m happy to hear someone is prepared.

  68. I want to hear from people who have quit lamictal cold turkey. I would like to know how long it took before the weird side effects went away. I quit 5 days ago and I still feel weird. I have been taking 400-200mg for 6 years. I am hesitant to take small dosage just to get the weirdness away, but if this last too much longer it could be destructive.

  69. I came off cold turkey, I had to as had a bad reaction to it…..aches all over, felt strange and came up in a rash all over…..I wasn’t on a high dose at all….however, after being on it for 8 months I had bad brain zaps, lethargy and felt Strange. I’ve read that you should withdraw slowly. Personally, I was off meds for a while, however am back in a different type of med that makes me less drowsy as lamictal made me very sleepy. Good luck with it all…..after 6 years I’d say reduce slowly.
    Most doctors also say its easy to go up quickly on lamictal….the first time I tried I came up in a rash and had a bad reaction to it.

    There are lots of meds out there…..the one I’m on now makes me feel great

  70. Hi was taking 400mg a day felt like was in a dream all the time and would get so angry and last for hours if not days about 3 months ago just had it stop taking them was really ill for a bit but now feel alive look at everything and it looks so different still get my moods on but don’t last for hours feel so much stronger

    1. I am on 500mg a day, I have been on it for probably 20 years or more, I was on three other drugs that I have gotten off of in the past year. Interesting about seizures – I have no problem since I got off celexa — the combination was fine for years then about a year ago i started to have seizures and delusions.

  71. Hi there. I had my only ever seizure in my sleep 2 and a half years ago.
    I was getting auras prior to having the seizure, maybe once every 2 months. During the day prior to havin the seizure, I had about 6 auras,(10 second dizzy spells) I have been on 100mg of lamotrigine since the seizure. My neurologist wants me to come off the drug over a 6 week period, but I would like to come off it over a 12 month period.
    Is there a set rule for coming off the drug, time wise?
    My GP said it can’t be classed as epilepsy unless I have another seizure. I feel like they want me to come off the drug in order to say if it’s epilepsy or not.

    1. You are 100% right and should have M.D. after your name. Your idea of doing it over a 12 month period is absolutely fantastic. Stick to your guns, and get another Doctor if need be.

  72. I’m curious to know how it went. Were you successful @ coming off? Did you have to go back on? I’m thinking about coming off as well for the same reasons. Any time I’ve stopped cold turkey, I notice anxiety and some PTSD symptoms begin to return. Did you notice any negative side effects?

  73. For some reason all doc behave that way. When I insisted to taper off Lamotrigine, my doc was upset and told me that I could taper it off in a month on my own. Then he predicted my “partial seizure” will come back with a “generalized seizure”. I just don’t believe because I was borderline seizure patient.

    I was on 150mg Lamotrigine XR daily. I start cutting it down to 100mg for a couple weeks now. Most obvious change was my appetite. I eat more now and I can feel that I am gaining weight. I don’t really like the weight gain part. Also I found myself more irritable this week. It could have been PMS. Who knows. I plan to keep 100mg for 1-3 months just to stabilize the weight gain issue.

    BTW, I lost about 7 lb in 3 months when I was on Lamotrigine XR. The regular Lamotrigine doesn’t seem to have such side effect to me.

  74. My son who is 42 years old has been taking Lamotrigine 400mg and Tegretol 1000mg since 2005. He was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 17 years old after an operation on his hip (he has cerebral palsy and a learning difficulty). He has not had a seizure for 5 years so we started to wean him off Tegretol (it took 18 months to do this). However three weeks after his last dose, he began to have the most terrible hallucinations and insomnia plus fearful dreams about people dying. He looked so scared all the time.

    Before he came off the last dose I had pointed out to his pyschiatrist that GlaxoSmithKlines website (lamotrigine manufacturers) suggest that when Tegretol is taken away from adjuntive therapy with Lamotrigine, the dose of Lamotrigine should also be reduced because Tegretol is an enzyme inducer and weakens the potency of Lamotrigine. So all the while we were decreasing Tegretol we were at the same time increasing the strength of Lamotrigine, so making my son’s dosage of Lamotrigine more potent or toxic. Lamotrigine side effects can be hallucinations and paranoia. His psychitrist disputes that he has gravely mishandled the withdrawal of Tegretol and has had a knee jerk reaction to my sons pschotic systems by putting him back on Tegretol. My son is no better and has the added side effect of catatonic type episodes where he ‘freezes’ and does not move for minutes at a time and so we are now trying to wean him off Lamotrigine and he is so tired and spaced out and we know he is suffering. This pyschiatrist is arrogant and obviously does not believe in shared decision making. We know our son better than he does.

    1. Sorry to hear that.

      You need to get second opinions on your son’s med. base on what you said, your son needs neurologist and psychiatrist. These two doctors need to work together.

      Try to get a second opinions before weaning the med off on your own.

      Best of luck to you and your son.

  75. When I started Lamictal when my Doc told me it may help with my epilepsy, depression, and generalized anixiety. ( Meditation and good friends helped me get to the point where I was. While I wasn’t totally cured or anything, I was in a good place. But my seizures were getting worse so I went along with it,) She said that if I started to get severe side effects( among which is a deadly rash) that I could “JUST QUIT”. Full stop, no tapering or anything just “flush ’em” and go on my merry way. From the get go I noticed that it’s making me really scatter brained. I’m still going to college, I can’t be off in lala land while i’m trying to listen to my professor. It also was making me more depressed and more anxious then I’ve been in years, totally steam rolling all the progress I had made. So, I naively did what she said, and quit them cold turkey. I have never been so violently ill in all my life. It was like coming of Heroine or something not a prescribed medicine. I shook for four days, could barely keep a quarter of a cup of liquid at a time before it came back up, I couldn’t eat for THREE days, and to put the cherry on top, I had the worst Depression of my life. I had to ask my Grandma to move me into the living room, so I wouldn’t be alone with myself, because I was so scared of what I might do. I think I may actually be coming out the other side, but I’m so physically and emotionally drained, I fells like I’m dead inside. It wasn’t till LITERALLY this morning that I found this site, and several more like it, warning people of the side effects and that unless you’re a titan or a demi-god you HAVE to gradually tapper off. IDK what my doc is in some pharmaceutical companies pocket or if she was just that uninformed, but I am NEVER taking that pill again and I’m going to put in a request for a new Doctor, cause this is completly unexceptable.

  76. my doctor has me on 450 mg of lamictal …He says I am depressed but I am not. I have an anxiety problem and panic disorder. He doesnt want to listen to me and put me on lexapro and the lamictal/. O do not want to be on either as they have not help with my anxiety or panic. How do I taper of that high of a dose without the with draws stated about? My other doctor put me on zoloft and I just quit taking it with no side effects. If the medicine is doing nothing for you can you just stop or do you still have to taper off? Please help. I am going the natural way.

    1. Check out the Road back program. It’s the only way I was able to wean off the Lamictal after being on it for three years.

  77. Hello I was put on lamictal for hppd. It seemed to help at first but after a year or so I had a major stressful time in my life and the lamictal started working against me. The past few months have been nothing short of a nightmare. It was making me so messed up even before I started to taper off. I was at 400 and am now at 200. Tapering 25 every week. I just want off this crap. My derealization is so bad. Everything looks 2d and I have no depth perception. I am extremely anxious and I get these depressive episodes that I can’t even explain how horrendous they are. Vision is all blurry on top of my existing visual symptoms. Since I dropped to 200 a couple days ago I have been getting really bad headaches. This stuff is poison and we need more success stories to keep people motivated.

    I know I’ll get through it but it’s very very difficult.

  78. I was on lamictal for 5 years after being diagnosed as severely depressed with anxiety disorder. The Dr titrated me to to 300 mg despite my insistence that it was giving me greater anxiety. 15 months ago I began withdrawing, first 50mg at a time, then 25mg at a time as the Dr suggested. I’ve been completely off the med for 6weeks now. Unfortunately I cannot find any conclusive information in his long withdrawal symptoms last. I can tell you that I fight pain, tingling, numbness, and digestion issues. I can also tell you that due to the medication I didn’t properly digest needed nutrients, and developed deficiencies over this last year. I was blessed to meet a holistic Dr who had offered me some assistance and love. She has me taking all the necessary nutrients, as well as following a ketogenics diet to help promote neurotransmitters health. I’m not like many, I have not been on a ton of medication. I do take Xanax for anxiety, but as soon as things iron out that will go too. I’m in hell. If anyone had told me what this would be like back when this Dr gave it to me, I would have never agreed to take it. I just want relief.

    1. Hi Sicily – I started Lamictal about 10 days ago at 50 mg. then increased to 100 two days ago. Because of ALL the bad side effects that include horrible acne around my chin – and I’m 53 year old – and reddening / itching all over my face, itchy swollen eyes, bumps inside my mouth!, peeling of the skin around my chin, pimples / bumps appearing on shoulders, thighs, back, chest, itchiness all over, swollen glands, horrible insomnia, muscle aches in my legs worse than my bouts of sciatica, mood swings (crying, anger) – i think that’s about it … I decided to just stop the Lamictal on Saturday. I didn’t talk to my neurologist about it because it’s the weekend, but I’ll call her on Monday. So far – and it’s early Sunday morning – woke up at 3:30 am because INSOMNIA still – no decrease in side effects. But I don’t feel worse – just the same as I had before I stopped. I had been prescribed Lamictal to wean off Vimpat (because of bad side effects!) for temporal lobe epilepsy. But I’ll be very honest – I rather have seizures a couple times a month than live like this.

      1. I’m so sadden for what your going through..I don’t have depression and anxiety severe started with perimenopause…I don’t like Lamictal it’s been 2 months know still on 50 mgs…I’m so depressed crying..physiatrist told me I was on a low dose just stop taking it..I went down to 25mgs my day was even worse..he then told me to take 25 during the day and 25 at night plus put me on 30 mgs remron plus I’ve been taking seroquil 150mg for sleep..I’ve tried remron for sleep before I felt numb most of the day..he said at 30 mgs it wouldn’t do that..he said higher the dose less sedation..haven’t scared…

  79. I’ve been on Lamictal (Lamotrigine) starting put 25 mg then, 100 mg, 200 mg, then last 300 mg. Another 100 mg for the a.m., since 3/24/2014, along with, Escitalopram 10 mg then increased to 20 mg, currently on. Risperidone starting 2 mg, then decreased to 1 mg, then 0.5 mg then I finally asked can I get off these meds i don’t feel good take so many & high dosages? My provider at that time, said no, you are diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder. I was shocked when she told me that. I have been on physic meds back in 2008-2010 where I was diagnosed with Depression unspecified. & I’ve seen acouple more Doctors & diagnosed me the same. Then went back out using meth. Then I got clean in 2011 and today i remain clean. I went yesterday 2/10/16 saw a new provider, since the one I had no longet works there. She said why are you on all these medications? I replied I am bipolar, she said no you are not, you are diagnosed with depression unspecified. I was blown away! All along I’ve been misdiagnosed! Here I was believing i had bipolar disorder. Then i told her i want to be winged off these i feel over medicated. Yesterday was my first day, discontinued respirdol than half of lamotrigine. Plus, on top of all this I have Hep c, & waiting for treatment anytime. The previous provider knew it, and cared less and that its very crucial to not prescribed me anything that can do more liver damage! That little amount coming off is seriously affecting me withdrawals, im fatigue, nauseated, irritated, insomnia headache, I keep rocking back and forth; is it common to do that? I can’t stop moving. This psych med is hell, and this is just the beginning. I feel disgusted, pissed off, at this whole thing. This has given me a bad flashback of my past meth use, and I now feel like I’m coming down off it. This sucks!

    1. Could you try magnesium bisglycinate? It really helps me with the anxiety. It’s bioavailability gives immediate results. Perhaps it will help you. Check it out on Amazon.

    2. Also I forgot to mention diet. Lamotrigine messes with your sodium potassium levels so it is important to start reading labels and go low sodium. Plan according to how you react. So much to learn but we will make it. You are doing well to ask for advice here. 😉

  80. I have only been on 25mg for 2 weeks and it has made me poo all day and my back is killing me.
    Gonna stop taking this crap by cutting pill in half for 2 more days.
    Don’t believe this shrinks as they are all evil and just want you coming back for more poison.
    You remember you were nontoxic and much better off before you started taking these pills.

  81. I am hoping that there will be more communication here soon since I just joined. It would be nice to have some company during the discontinuation process.

  82. I realize this is an older post but I can honestly say lamictal and GSK are some of the biggest scams in modern history. This drug and esp the generic version is a joke and GSK has witheld some very dangerous side effects. ALL psych meds are junk and the farther you stay away the better you will be off…big pharma is a complete scam and I cant believe I fell for this nonsense and it almost killed me.
    The fda should be dropped into a most active volcano and the event should be shown in movie theatres…I’ll bring popcorn!!!

  83. Lamictal is nothing like lithium which I was on for almost 10 years. Lithium basically hard wires to your brain. It has to be slowly slowly decreased Lamictal I went from 200 to 100mg overnight with no issue

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