It’s Official: I’m on Abilify and Prozac

A cursory search on Google for Abilify + Prozac didn’t yield too many helpful results. I suppose it’s not a common drug combination. So far, I haven’t had any real side effects. I take Prozac in the morning and Abilify at night. I’ve also started taking my vitamins again after shirking them for quite a while: Fish Oil with Omega-3s, Iron (for slight anemia), Vitamin B-Complex with Vitamin C, and a women’s multivitamin.

I am a little nervous about taking an SSRI again because the last SSRI I was on (Effexor/venlafaxine) produced some nasty side effects (mania, night sweats, vivid dreams, brain shivers) along with the one I liked (significant weight loss). When I last blogged about Prozac, my only side effect was somnolence—a side effect I don’t appear to be experiencing this time around.

Are you on a drug combination? If so, what and is it working for you? If you used to be on a drug combination, what was it and did it help?

14 thoughts on “It’s Official: I’m on Abilify and Prozac

  1. I have been on Pristiq for some time, and recently added 2 mg.
    of Abilify because my depression worsened, for some reason. I stopped taking Abilify because I read that it could raise blood sugar, and a friend of mine who is a diabetic told me that since he’s been on a fairly high dose of Abilify, his blood sugar went up 100 points. Also, my MD told me that it could cause strange tremors, especially in the facial area, and my eye started twitching after taking it! I also read that it could raise cholesterol.

    The Abilify helped me feel better for about 2 weeks, then this affect stopped. When I read that it could put a lot of weight on you, that was the last straw for me, because I have already gained weight from antidepressants.


  2. I am recently on Wellbutrin and Cipralex. I used to take Effexor exclusively (for about 8 years) until it simply wasn’t working and I was a total mess. Dr then added the Wellbutrin which has helped but put me sort of on the edge, hanging on to contentment while still experiencing extreme fatigue. Finally have a new Dr. Have weaned off of Effexor (which took me two months and was a total nightmare) and have added the Cipralex which seems to be starting to work. I feel better then I have in years. Still tentatively optimistic though.

  3. It’s certainly not a rare combination. The two drugs work on different receptors in your brain, although prozac should strengthen the effect of Abilify a little.

    Good to hear that you’re taking your vitamins again, make use of the changes you feel to make bigger changes in your habits and environment, antidepressants gives you a window of opportunity to face your issues and act on them in a rational way.

  4. I tried a pile of different meds, I feel like a pharmacy. I tried abilify, (could not handle the side effects). I am now on prozac, with buspar for anxiety, and lamotrigine to accentuate the prozac. so far it seems to be the right combo… but it took a while to get here. I’m certainly not cured from my depression, as both know, the tendancies never really go away.; but I definately feel more stable than I have in a long time. Good luck with finding the right “combo”…

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  7. I have never been prescribed these medications, but many of my clients have been. I think you are brave to keep this journal openly to help people who are trying to find a combination that may work. It is also helpful because many people are prescribed the exact combinations that you are speaking of. It would be helpful to see how many people have had problems with the same drugs, or who have had success.

  8. I take Citalaphram and use hormone cream morning and night. I have had chronic major depression for about 25 years and have used single and sometimes multiple medications to help. The multiple medications were often too weak or too strong and I ended up with sleep problems and agitation as common side effects. A this time of my life (mid fifties-menopause) one medication works the best, if not perfecly. After seeing a Naturapatheic Medical doctor last year, I have been able to avoid major depression to about 80-90% in the past year. I was very immobilized the year before that once menopause hit. I think that by simplifying medications, and adding hormone cream, vitamin B12, and Genseng I’ve improved remarkably and am functional once again. I do use my bag of tricks, too. Music, planning, keeping moving, gratitute, and helping others. Next up. Swimming

  9. Hi I take venlafaxin (or did and will start again today). It worked fine but I remember feeling nauseus and having troubles sleeping the first weeks. The latter was also a part of my anxiety, I get so stressed and irritated before I get depressed and inabillity to sleep sees to follow.

    I like your advice Leigh, I want to create a bag of tricks to. We have gathered so much knowlegde through professionals and at least in my case through self help, but than when depression hits I donΒ΄t seem to use them. Love the bag idea, will create one today.

  10. Prozac alone relieved my general anxiety and depression for awhile. But eventually I had to have it increased from 20mg to 40mg, and then finally up to 60mg. I was irritable and I hated feeling that way, and the depression started creeping back. My psych then put me on (per my request and in agreement of) Prozac and Wellbutrin. This worked for quite some time…over a year. But now I am struggling with depression again. Thankfully, I found this blog which has given me the idea to give Prozac and Abilify a try. …hopeful

  11. Hi,

    I found it quite a rare combination also, as I couldn’t find articles online about the same combination. It’s great to find your blog and many thanks for sharing.

    I started Prozac(20 mg daily) and Abilify(Half a pill every night) 10 days ago. So far worked well for my symptoms. Although, I have difficulty sleeping. (Slept well last night though)
    And today after 10 days of taking them I feel happy and more energic at work.

    I try to stick to my exercise routine and promised myself not to yo-yo diet again so I will carry on with my current moderate diet. Plus, I am also taking the same supplements daily πŸ˜‰

    Best of luck

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