Britney Spears has a mental illness

I haven’t kept up on other news except for Britney Spears. (By way of my husband.) Prime Minister Tony Blair has announced his plan for pulling British troops out of Iraq and I’m more interested in Britney Spears’ life. Where are my priorities?

Anyway, I’m convinced that Britney Spears has a mental illness. She’s suffering from postpartum depression and struggling with her addiction to drugs (recreational mixed with prescription, from what I understand) and alcohol.

Britney Spears (crazy)The image to the left are a recent photo collage (courtesy of of her angry and trying supposedly trying to smash her soon-to-be ex-husband Kevin Federline’s car. They also show more detailed images of her newly shaved head.

She has two kids at home and barely spends any time with them. Could it be that she’s just irresponsible or that she’s suffering from a severe depression, not only after having kids but also going through a stressful divorce at the same time?

Maybe she suffers from bipolar disorder — her actions certainly seem to fit the bill. The happy housewife, then the big party girl. Her erratic stint of checking in and out of rehab. Twice. As of this post, she’s checked into rehab a third time. It must be nice to be a celebrity. Once most people have checked into rehab or a psych hospital , there’s at least a 48-hour wait before they can leave.  She’s checked in and out in one day. At least Keith Urban stayed and finished his treatment — with a brief reprieve during Christmas.

Back to her possible bipolarity (I’ve broken my own grammatical rule), her drinking and late-night partying while she’s got children at home makes no sense to pretty much everybody. The actions of those who suffer from bipolar disorder never make any sense to anyone except the person with the disorder.

Perhaps, Ms. Spears doesn’t realize what she’s doing. This is common with those who have bpd. And for those with mental illness, it doesn’t help that she’s under a media microscope being judged, not only by her peers, but by the entire world. All of us with mental illness — once we’re in our right mind — prefer to keep our suffering quiet. We wouldn’t want anyone to know lest we suffer because of it. My anonymity for this blog is an example of this. I don’t want any potential employers to know who I am lest it prevents me from obtaining a job.

The world thinks Britney Spears is crazy and needs help. Perhaps, they’re right.

3 thoughts on “Britney Spears has a mental illness

  1. I think you may be onto something here. I haven’t read where anyone has suggested anything similar, but that may be because I have tried to avoid reading much about the whole Britney story.

  2. You know, I was standing at the check-out at the market(saw the magazines) and wondered what would possess a woman to shave her head bald.
    I thought, well, maybe she wanted a tattoo ON her head, and it was necessary. Or, she wanted to pull a Sinade O’Conner.
    I have no answers. I do know, her extreme behavior just appears to be anger-driven, and unfortunately she is in the public-eye to behold. Lord knows, in my worst days of stress (including current days) I would never shave my head bald. THAT alone would cause me to lose my mind as a result of my own actions.
    Hopefully she will get stabilized somehow; her children are lucky she can afford care for them.

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