Comic books and mental illness

RobinMy husband has alerted me to the fact that comic books have recently been highlighting mental illness. In one comic, one hero lives in a psych hospital while another suffers from schizophrenia.

The standout comic to me, however, was published in Nov. 2006. Robin #156 focused on suicide prevention for the issue. A review of the comic from IGN describes how this “superhero shrink” stands out:

“Superhero shrinks are nothing new, but writer Adam Beechen and artist Freddie Williams II make this worthwhile. I’ve never met Beechen or Williams, but it seems like this story came from a place close to their hearts. It is easy to tell when a creator believes in what is on the page, and that honesty allowed this issue of Robin to be a very good one.”

My husband called it a “PSA” but more than that, I think the issue was dedicated to someone who may have touched either the writer’s or the artist’s life. The plot mainly follows a kid  comtemplating suicide. Robin, himself, is having pretty heavy issues of his own in the meantime. My favorite twist? Robin doesn’t directly talk the suicidal kid out of suicide. It is definitely worth checking out.

One thought on “Comic books and mental illness

  1. educational comics about psychosis and bipolar depression were developped in belgium some time ago, they are available in english

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