I’ve experienced anxiety for the past two days unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I’m afraid to do anything significant which includes leaving my home. I’m afraid to drive, travel, and interact with people other than my husband and impersonal Internet communication. I’ve cried every day and every night since Sunday. As part of anxiety issues, I’m battling depression as well. I’m simply paralyzed by fear and afraid to venture beyond my home. I’m somewhat paranoid about being watched as well. And no, I’m not on medication.

I don’t know what to do. Anyone have any advice to offer?

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  1. I’ve experienced really painful anxiety. Calling crisis lines usually makes me feel better. It’s a different way of interacting with people that isn’t too personal because it’s over the phone (and it’s anonymous, and they’re a stranger). Typically crisis lines are staffed with trained volunteers – so they want to listen to people and help them, and have some skills in doing so.

  2. I, too, have experienced a great deal a depression, starting in my childhood (I tried to commit suicide twice when I was 14) and then off and on as an adult. I have never been on any medications.

    When I became a Christian at 23 it did change my life, for it changed my focus. I have still battled depression at times, but somehow always recognized it as being Satan’s attack on me and something I needed to go through to help strengthen me yes, as a believer, but also as a person. When you survive depression, you do become stronger and, more importantly, have greater compassion on others.

    What helped me the most when going through such times has always been really 2 things: first, thanking God (in faith only, for I certainly did not feel thankful, and would tell God so) FOR the depression. There is a verse in Ephesians that tells us to thank Him, not only IN things, but FOR all things. I know many Christians get upset at this, but it is scriptural truth, and I have seen Him honor His word here over and over. Second, I would put on more mellow Christian music that simply praised and glorified Him — things like He Is Exalted, How Great is Our God — you get the picture. Songs and music that focus on Him and who He is, rather than my own need for Him. Some of my need is ok, but the idea is to remind myself through praise to Him of who He is and of His faithfulness to me, even though I not being seeing it right now.

    I truly hurt for you here and will be praying for you in the days ahead. Praying that whatever things in your life now are triggering this will be resolved by our Lord and that you have the strength to continue to turn to Him FOR His strength and comfort and that you will feel it. I know that’s important. I remain convinced that He does have our best interest at heart and that we only go through things ultimately for our own good.

  3. Kassi, as I re-read your post, I realize I missed the boat. Please forgive me here. You are dealing with a sudden onset of anxiety for the past 2 days. That’s a bit different. When I get that kind of anxiety and paranoia, I always fall back on II Timothy 7, God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, and power, and a sound mind. I especially love the sound mind bit, but also the reminder that He did not give me frear. So I realize in theory at least, that this is not of God, but rather of Satan, who came to steal, to kill, and to destroy. Then I guess the old me kicks in (or at least tries to!!) and tells him (Satan) that I will not let Him destroy me and work really really hard at keeping my mind on the Lord and the truth that He did NOT give me a spirit of fear — and that I can trust Him to resolve whatever it is I am being anxious about.

    Often this means making myself face the thing I am fearing, such as leaving the house, knowing (at least in my head!) that NOTHING can happen to me unless it is in God’s plan for the best for me. Truly, often the biggest thing we have to fear is fear itself and it does often mean taking a deep breath and meeting it head on.

    I have had a tremendous amount of growth in my knowledge of and understanding of the principle that truly, no matter how difficult it might be, He is working something out in my life for good. He did say we would go through sufferings with Him, not something we like to think of, but true none the less. Another passage I have come to cling to is II Corinthians 4:6-11. It starts off with the powerful statement that God makes light to shine through darkness — and that He will make His light shine even through the darkness in me, a very comforting thought. Verses 10 and 11 deal with the concept that I, too, am being crucified, that I might have Life, another comforting thought.

    Again, I will be praying for you as I mentioned above. May God richly bless and comfort you in this time of darkness. In the natural, there truly is much to fear and be paranoid about; but in His care, there is not. Nothing can harm you without His express awareness and for a reason.

    1. Charlotte,

      Your comments are always encouraging and thoughtful. Thank you for your prayers, wisdom, and insight. You write God’s truth.

  4. Hi.
    Please, before anything else, do not resort to medication, despite what the pharmaceutical industry having mass produce and Drs rating medicine as advanced etc, etc, the drugs attack the brain and cns, causing more damage than therapy. They induce 100s of adverse reactions, defects and dysfuntioning cognitively.
    Furthermore ‘anxiety’ like depression and panic are all, emotional ‘feelings’ of which are not ‘diseases’ nor ‘disorders’, hence drugging with chemicals and synthetic substances, having no purpose nor good effect.
    There is a herbal remedy called ‘St. Johns Wort’, this is without side effects nor reactions, it comes in pill form from health stores and even chemists.
    It is not the only, thing to do, because you need to work out what may cause the problems themselves?. It could be subconcious and stem back over years?.
    My advice is to think about hypnotherapy, you can have a friend go along too, for the comfort of not being aware around a stranger, and its also no drugs.
    Furthermore though, ensure you book a reputable, registered and with good ratings for the job they do, dont go via small print adverts, these are obviously a risk if anything.
    St. Johns Wort is an amazing help, its no cure but is a massive change in feeling better.
    Its needed for at least 5-6 weeks or upto 2wks after feelimg better has taken effect, its non addictive and non harmfull.
    I also advise a multi vitamin boost and omega three to aid health at a vunerable time, citrus drinks too, all boost imune system and provide healthy blood flow.
    I am not a dr, however i am a medicinal and natural remedy researcher, i respect health and wellbeing as the main cause of lie quality, im anti brain drugging as i am a victim of a ten year misdiagnosis.
    If you see a Dr and you are prescribed meds? Please ensure you search the ‘evidence based trials’ of that medication and check out all pharma data, not just promotional and aimed to treat info, this does cut out many reactions, severity and length, remember, Drs do not make drugs nor test them, they prescribe, no more, no less, they may or may not be a pharma pet?, (rewards for pushing drug to patient) even so, its your health your life and your money all at risk by jusyt listening to a Dr. Check out the FDA warnings and such. I wish you well and all good health.

    1. I tried using St. John’s Wort, and there are a lot of side effects as well that have me a little nervous about using the herb. To get my situation under control, I will have to go back on medication but I will attempt to be as cautious as I can about it.

      Thanks for your advice.

  5. This is what my life was like after the birth of my first child. Paranoia and anxiety at every turn. It is crippling. Find someone you trust (doctor, therapist, clergy member, family member) and have them help you pull out your anxieties and examine them. You probably need someone outside the situation to help you look at it and then you can figure out what the right road will be to take. It could be prayer, it could be more therapy, it could be medication, it could a combo of those things or something completely different. (Art therapy has been extremely helpful for me over the last year or two; I like how it is expressive without necessarily requiring words.) Reach out even though it is the last thing you want do.


  6. Hi.
    Respectfully, i say to you, ‘do whats right for you’, i do not judge nor enforce my opinion, as to what a person will feel is right for themselves.

    However, i cannot help having to stress the pharmaceutical destructive to brain issue regarding use of antidepressants/anti anxiety pills and similars.
    Please look up the following medicinal experts, in relation to the undoubted, s.s.r.i/s.n.r.i you are being medicated.
    These are not, as myself, condemning the drugs, they are however, explaining the importance, within short term trial reality, comparrative to prescribed length and dosage. Pharmapsychologist ‘Professor David Healy’
    Psychiatrist ‘Professor Peter Breggin’
    (the links from either of these two, provide many more).
    Can i say though, to have reacted to St. Johns Wort with side effects will be due to an already chemically disrupted serotonin (via use of recent med, it takes the drugs upto a year sometimes to ‘begin’ to calm down, can last for ???, not even science knows that answer).
    Even if, only medicated 6months, The also, longer having taken/height of dose/severity of symptoms caused whilst taking, will all account when need to discontinue- withdrawal is brutally worse than the condition being medicated for. I am inclined to advise you this due to the disturbing situations that are not understood by Drs, when patients try to taper the drug, it will be your Dr who depending on knowledge? Who will know whats going on?, decide you are relapsing, higher dose given?, bullsh*t via cluelessness with Bipolar diagnosis? Thats a no way out of extreme.
    Drs are notgood at admitting they screwed up, its an arrogant profession that has a pride outweighing over any patient ( to go see realism of the 1000s of patients warning/advising about the effects. if not right address? Just google it ok.)
    i come not to scare, nor have means to attack pharma other than what i have evidence and, legally informative reason for.
    it may seem im ignoring the issue you have here? Not so!. My aim is to have you not fall into a trap of the indeed known, widely ignored by Drs, clinical worsening, read up the government warnings (usa- fda) (uk-mhra) regarding the drug you take.
    Remember Efexor is an snri only after 150mg, before that dose its an ssri and all the makers of drugs in the class of ssri/snri are sneaky with words to confuse who is affected and how,
    example, a pharma description will say something like ‘This drug id not recomended for the younger adult, trials evidented low suicide ideation rates for the over 50s.’
    this ignores the gap of inbetween ages, 20-50 (thesde being the ages in which a massive percent is medicated, besides, a low affect rating of, is not anything but an intentional possibility through the fact of its there only not written honestly. Could be 300 patients that 70 suffered this adverse reaction, it tells not who, why how badly, nor that the others instead suffered other damaging effects.
    Please i know you are going through alot, my heart goes out to you, no one person can judge nor enforce your decisions, i only aim to expose what may be a huge difference.
    Please read up it all and see what you can for yourself to opt the choices. Al the best

  7. You, my dear are suffering from panic attacks and should be treated immediately with clonazapam, diazapam, or ativan or a combination there of. You are also suffering from agoraphobia (scared to leave the house/drive etc.). It wouldn’t surprise me if there is a really deep issue in your life right now that has inadvertently thrown you into this state. Your doctor may also put you on an anti-depressant. I would gather a team for yourself…a good psychologist, a good psychiatrist, a family member and a friend. I would also recommend a spiritual adviser,every church has one or two. This may take 2-4 months to overcome. I would take a paid leave of absence from work which will allow you time to work on yourself. Dig deep to find the root of this current issue, problem or situation, and be ready to walk away without anything. It will come back to you 7 fold..A lot of this is about stress and anxiety….good news is is will go away at some point. Lexapro and Neurontin are good medications to help with your present symptoms.. Welbuterin plus th clear patch is good for quitting smoking and PAMPER yourself….bubble baths with a candle and soft music…have a masseuse come into your home for a massage and facial…3 hours is great. Lastly, if you have anxious or bad thoughts that come into your mind…..let them in, gently acknowledge them and the release them….Love and prayers my friend, Jeanne.
    P.S. Wean yourself off caffeine by adding in decaf gradually an do alcohol…I know that sucks

  8. I do not agree, any medication to alter mind state is a potential harm to the brain overall.
    The synthetic drug route of ‘therapeutic balance’ is not an evidented positive outcome.
    Mainly because there is no proven truth of imbalance, esp as nothing can be done to measure the brains chemicals.
    Im no Dr, but i state this. You are no dr and you promote drug use. This is why people are not being able to see a way of benefit, through unharmful treatment.

  9. I have traveled back & forth between my drug safe many many times over these past few wks… I am in the grips of a crippling depressive episode after the sudden tragic death of my little dog on July 15th.
    I have tried several different AD’s in the past for cyclical episodes of depression; side effects were more miserable than the disease!
    Vigorous exercise several times a week seems to work best for me, even though I understand that getting out of the house may be the last thing you want to do! (DVD’s or YouTube videos?) I love yoga & should practice it much more faithfully, just hard to find the time to loosen my grip on the treadmill…

  10. Hi Val
    i feel for you truly (as i do, to the all here).
    I respectfully take a ‘mutual’ understanding regarding the loss of a much loved pet, they are a friend, a comfort, an innocence and part of you and your life.
    I send you much loving thoughts.

    You have hit the nail on the head Val, concerning the side effects, ‘worse than initial reason for taking’. Reduction withdrawal, is equally, if not more?, severe with waves of symptom influx.
    It is, although not limited to, a time/dose and reactive response hazard, as to how long, how severe that expresses the how you tolerate. Not! As how is ‘documented’, such to be, ‘on average a few weeks’.

    It is always the, ‘what youre not told’, in medicine and proves only to be furtherly brutal.
    For instance, not only have humans got a ‘pain threshold’ unique to themself as an individual, there are no ways to tell whom will be contracting what affect?.
    This being, the why?, over a thousand internal/external and mental/physical induced adverse reactions, are not only, known as such, but, deceptively held back and/or labled as ‘rare’ and ‘mild to moderate’.
    This vitaly important info is not always researched by the prescriber, thus follows, wrong diagnosis of an adverse reaction as ‘new medical problem’ only to be further aimlessly medicated and damaging to the human body.

    The drug needs a market and by the non specific lies being sugar coated, the money is raked in on a sinister deliberated ‘wait n see’.
    Note. pHARMa dont get the backlash of defected drugs, if in rare cases they do get held responsible? They shove money at victims, enforce gagging orders and continue.
    Healthcare cuts, money not available etc, Uk and USA, fund billions into ‘research’ that is repeatedly to result, in a drug being unleashed, fully well known both post and prior, market to be defective.

    Billions upon billions is a waste that doesnt actually do anything but destroy peoples lives.

    I agree excercise is a good route yet a hard form of self will and at times a mentally excruciating drain in effort.
    Swimming is a good way to go as is indeed as you say ‘yoga’.
    Media portrays the excercise as, fit, vitality, excess energy, pushing hard and quite frankly ‘overdoing it’, the simple relaxing excercises that are enjoyable, no jumping, running and excess sweat is needed to feel the work out success.

    The simplistic ‘relax’ and ‘unwind’ self paced, quiet time, to oneself is a massive impact to self control (temperment) as also the being good to yourself, that does be part of, known successfull non drugging, ‘cognitive therapy’, its proven, that, time out, spent solely on relaxation (however the individual sees fit for themself, whether, swimming, meditating, listening to soothing music, riding a bike, walking, etc) there is mass improvement to mood, lifted moods result a speedier recovery.

    There is a sad fact people decide to reach for a pill, i do not ‘dictate nor condemn’ as i, myself did in 2001, i thought id b speedily cured, quick and easy.

    I have no moral high ground to say, you must not ect, i just know what i know through experience of matter at hand, it was my causation to delve deep into the truth of patients for profit.

    I love my job, its upsetting at times concerning damage investigated esp as drug masd pHARMa now invents kids mental disease.
    There is no disease in, ’emotion’, its the ‘unhappy circumstances’ we will all endure at some stage, if we cannot even make sense as to what it is, that causes feeling so down?, we have either subconsciously blocked out reason? Or we are mentally exhausted through, persistant drudgery, same ol same ol, that wipes out reason and defects to irational posibility.

    Disease/disorder is a cruel tactic to enforce a belief, you are in need of specialist help.
    You dont need anything more than, time out to reflect, readjust, air your upsets and have the compassionate listener, stand in to cover as you take rest. Its not too difficult for doctors to prescribe rest, they just dont see past chemicals is all.

  11. Sorry i went totally on rant mode.
    My heart is with all sufferers of depression/anxiety and all other conflicts that really are not fair to ruin a right to the norm and being a happy person.

    I rant because i cannot bear the manipulation inflicted on anyone esp those vunerable

  12. I find for myself, any form of communication with the outside world, even if it’s with impersonal online methods like instant messengers or texting is extremely helpful.

    Being alone with your thoughts, well for me at least, just tears me up. I need some way of venting. Some way of talking, and not being alone. I hope all is well now.

    Struggling is hard enough, there’s no reason to struggle alone.

    1. Hi Thomas
      please forgive my late response.
      Yes i do agree, society and interaction has a massive impact into ‘well being’ , suffering alone has nothing to be ever gained in an improved outcome.
      Venting, whether it be in anger, stress, fear, worry, confusion or just sheer frustration, will be an instant off load to an individual.

      Unfortunately, people can be too caught up in lifes dramas to care about others in need and the furthering problems arise from an isolation felt.

      The key is not to hope to be heard but to be heard,the charities of which differ on a locality, whether a one to one counseling or, a supportive talk group may be best if no close family and friends, the medical professional may also be able to refer on nhs (uk) a counsellor? Waiting lists are long though.
      The simplistic needs are complicated via ‘availablility of service’. Life is tough, we lose loved ones, a cruel rumour is spread about us, partners had an affair, a job is lost, over worked, under paid, debts, kids are demanding, the exhaustion build up, etc, feelings become too real within oneself for an easy ‘snap out of it’, thus with no help, or an initial belief, ‘i can cope’, will and is to downhill spiral untill anxiety, panic, fear, severe depression takes over, its a shame that, as kids we are taught, not to release stress and frustration, not to air how we actually feel, if we were? We’d be very stable and non tension fueled adults.

      The opening up and speaking out gets harder as we continue to refrain from it. All is too much to keep inside esp alone.

      1. Thank you for the response. I think your blog is a perfect way to be heard, especially if other avenues fail.

        You are right though, unfortunately many people are too caught up in their own personal lives to give enough attn to the people around them desperately needing that help. I go through that myself. Quite often and even now.

        Recently a professor told me to write, and not simply write the good, but be honest about everything. That’s the hardest part. Being open and honest with our failures. At this stage in my life, I haven’t much to lose in doing so.

        There’s a book I’m looking to try and get called, “The Lion’s Roar” by Martin Garfinkle…I think that’s his name. The book is about several noted leaders like Churchill, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr, and Abraham Lincoln…all of whom suffered from depression, anxiety and a few of whom attempted suicide, yet went on to achieve great things. At this point, any inspiration might help.

        Hope all is well with you.

        1. Hi Thomas
          This is not my Blog, albeit ive probably posted alot here.
          I personally am within a battle of ‘discontinuation’ (withdrawal) from Efexor. I have been since 2009.
          Depending on dose/time period of use/adverse effects, truly accounts for how discontinuation is to present.
          Unfortunately i had a G.P whom could not admit the mistake of medicating me thus instead used the adverse reactions to medicate and upon discovery have researched with others, as to what the medication/pharmaceutical orgs and medical profession are really involved around.
          In addition i also now do research into the natural and herbal resources for all ailments, primarily the mental afflictions we are all to suffer at one time or another.

          I think, whom you have said as a ‘professor’ to have advised a book of inspiring people is one of the wiser within the medical profession.
          To show a compassionate understanding of, people do go through alot and those within the public eye are of no exception, is with far more an intelligence than a belief in chemicals for the brain, to which have endlessly proven to eventually lead to a damage to naturally produced serotonin.
          Wish i could add more, am running late. Hope all is well with you also? As also the everyone here? Respect and regards

  13. Extracts of Hypericum perforatum L. (St John’s wort) are now successfully competing for status as a standard antidepressant therapy. Because of this, great effort has been devoted to identifying the active antidepressant compounds in the extract. From a phytochemical point of view, St John’s wort is one of the best-investigated medicinal plants. Researchers in Europe have studied St John’s Wort for decades. They discovered a combination of elements in the plant, foremost of which is “hypericin”, react with specific chemicals in the brain to temper emotional discomfort, lift depression, and calm the nerves. Working very much like the common synthetic prescription antidepressants (maprotiline hydrochloride and imipramine), natural extracts from St. John’s Wort have shown to relax and soothe the psyche with minimal side effects. ;

    Our own web site

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