Can depression be cured?

"There may not be many policies that deliver happiness for all,
but there are some that alleviate misery for many." – The Observer

What seems to be an editorial in the UK Observer asserts that government should step in and care for the mentally ill. Why?

  • 70 percent of men in prison suffer from a psychiatric disorder
  • Homeless people also are "similarly swollen" by legions of untreated mentally ill patients

is, more widely, a taboo around mental illness and a common presumption
that people should be able to heal their own minds with an effort of
will, a stiffening of upper lips and a pulling up of socks. If that
attitude were applied to cancer patients, it would quickly be condemned
as ignorant and callous."

I couldn’t have said that better myself.

One thought on “Can depression be cured?

  1. Some 85% of mentally ill that are homeless have been in orphanages or Foster care like myself. 70% or more of Foster kids end up in jail or prisons. This system in Amerika is self perpetuating.

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