Patient Relationships

This is an old post from Maria at intueri, but I found it really insightful. The following is a gem:

"Patients—people!—are incredibly resilient and, in the past, I had not given enough credit where credit is due.

As a result, I learned more about the role of hospitalization and when and how it is appropriate."

Oh, if only more doctors were more like Maria…


    My husband has been the most effective tool in helping me battle my depression. My husband has been caring, loving and unwavering throughout our marriage. My husband, who was my long-distance boyfriend during my worst bouts of depression, provided emotional and physical support, a listening ear, and generous advice. He offers encouragement when I don’t deserve them and is considerate when I am stubborn. He only thinks of me when I only think of my suffering. And in the end, he makes me a better person for who he is.
    Healthy relationships can aid a person in the road to recovery. The transformation in my life since my marriage has been tremendous. But it requires persistence, faithfulness and unconditional love from someone who sees past the sufferer’s selfishness.