Mental illness + impressive resume = Hard decisions

The proofreading manager Mimi (who I’m friendly with) at my last job told me last Monday that a full-time proofreading position would soon open up in the company and I should submit my resume. I talked it over with my husband last weekend and we came to the conclusion that right now, with my mental health state, it’s probably better that I stick to my part-time freelancing schedule.

shockWell, I got an e-mail from Mimi this afternoon saying that she submitted my resume to HR for me today and I’ll probably get a phone call from one of the HR assistants. I’d previously expressed enthusiastic interest in coming back to the company as a proofreader since I don’t mind that type of work (and it’s what I get paid nice bucks to do right now). But I was hoping that a proofreading position would open up in later on in the future, like oh say, six months from when I left (that would be August). I can’t fault Mimi for doing what she did; I told her I was interested in the position. But now, I’m not. And since the people in HR know me and know I’ve done good work, I’m likely to get a call back sometime next week for an interview. Now, I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m in an awkward position.

(Image from UK Gizmodo)

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