Teenagers tackle mental illness

NYT teens

The New York Times is doing a series on kids and mental illness and this week, the series focuses on college students with mental illness. It focuses mainly on freshmen, transitioning from high school to college and the effects of being away from parental control and being on their own. This story is especially near and dear to my heart, considering that I’d struggled with depression in high school and even though I was moving 25 miles east from home to Manhattan (my mother also worked Uptown while I lived Downtown), my parents were worried about the effects of being on my own and living with strangers. I had self-diagnosed myself as bipolar by this point and had a good friend who was also bipolar so I identify with these college freshmen as they face the challenges of an exciting, but scary time while dealing with a mental illness.

To see the NYTimes video, go to their Web site and scroll down the page to their multimedia video section.