9 thoughts on “What is depression like?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. It’s like being a hole and wanting to go climb out but not having a ladder or rope to do it. So, you look up and wish you could feel the warm sun on face again.

  2. You’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head. Depression is incredibly corrosive, slowly stripping you of just about everything.

    Sometimes, I feel like I’m the driver of a car: the engine is going but I can’t seem to get it into gear, so I sit here, idling, not going anywhere. Completely and utterly useless.

  3. I understand, believe me. Losing interest in the things that once had great value is a very common sign of depression.

    Eating, sleeping, and simply enjoying the warm sunshine on my face used to be among the little things that I enjoyed, but when the “Dark Passenger” makes his insidious presence felt, none of those things have any importance, and I just want the pain to stop, by ANY means necessary.

    Contrary to the old song, suicide isn’t really “painless”, is it?

    And yet, all those so-called “friends” will just shake their clueless heads and mumble, “I dunno why it happened” once the deed is done, and then go back to their insulated, self-absorbed lives like nothing ever happened.

  4. I have been on an upward and downward struggle to manage my depression for the last 20 years…it’s like a dark tunnel with no end in sight. Once I wanted to be one with the sounds of the waves crashing at the beach during a hurricane… thats how painful it was. Yet since i have found the correct medication I see the light at the end of that tunnel however..bright…i know its there

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