Christopher Pittman seeks new trial

Christopher PittmanFrom Furious Seasons:

I simply don’t know what to make of the case of Christopher Pittman who was convicted of shooting his grandparents to death when he was 12-years-old–except that it argues for how risky it is to put young children on anti-depressants. Pittman, sentenced to 30 years in prison, is seeking a new trial and a hearing on that matter is underway in South Carolina.

You can read more about the Zoloft-rage/violence connection is relation to Pittman’s case.

One thought on “Christopher Pittman seeks new trial

  1. My brother 30 years old who also has a cerebral palsy but can function very well was diagnosed to have a depression and was given zoloft more than a year ago. While under medication (zoloft lowest dosage) woke up one night and burn our washing machine (good thing our laundry area is outside the house) and have tried to put off the fire after burning it entirely. Maybe he suddenly realized that what he has done is wrong. My brother’s dosage is the lowest and was even asked by the doctor to divide into 2 though he’s already 30 years old what more with a 12 year old boy. My brothers behavior is different while under this medicine so we no longer brought him to the doctor who prescribed it we have removed it completely after that day its been a year already and i really felt he is better now with low dosage of nozinan. We found out that he needed someone to talk to and we’re glad that his caregiver was able to provide him friendship it is better to find out what’s causing the depression than immediately placing the person under medication. I cried when I saw this boy’s story I honestly felt that he’s quite vulnerable to fight the drug’s effect only those people who are living with him before, during and after the treatment can give verdict or atleast a jury who’s family member is under anti depressant. May God shed light on those who tried this case and may the boy find the purspose of all these.

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