The MOTHERS Act: Read it for yourself

Mom and infantI’ve written about the MOTHERS Act in the past but recently there has been much debate swirling around it. There are those actively against it (Amy Philo, Doug Bremner) and those actively for it (Katherine Stone, John Grohol). I’m going to refrain from voicing my personal opinion on the act from here on out since I’m seeing tensions run rather high and I don’t care to have those tensions directed at me.

But I haven’t seen anyone link to the Congressional bill recently so before engaging in debate, I encourage people to read the actual bill for themselves and come to their own conclusions. It’s actually short (unlike our current 1,000-plus-page universal healthcare bill) and a relatively easy (see “understandable”) read.

S. 324 the most recent version I know of. If there’s a more recent version, please comment to let me know.

4 thoughts on “The MOTHERS Act: Read it for yourself

  1. Here is a link that I have had on my site for months with both this year’s bill and last year’s bill.

    The UNITE blog has an analysis of the bill stuck to the front page which people can read here:

    (It’s based on an article written by Kelly O’Meara, who worked in Congress for years and led several investigations, so she has a pretty good understanding of how bills are written.)

    Since I have a new type of website this year you can’t see where I linked to it on the old site unless you go to the archive. The archive is kinda “busy” considering all the news we have had on this.

  2. This is the archive of the home page of my website from last year. The front page has a link to read the bill text, if you scroll down to the widget where people have voted on Open Congress for or against the bill (73% voted against it BTW). on this page at the top there is a link that says bill text,

    and if you click on it it takes you here:

    or here with the comments

    These have been on my site for over a year and a half. Sorry that you didn’t see them posted. I think it’s the other side mostly posting summaries and press releases without looking at the bill but they claim we haven’t read it.

    On the contrary.

  3. Oops just found one more reference to the bill on my action page, which is where I send people the most.

    You can read the TEXTS OF MOTHERS ACT – PAST AND PRESENT (111th Senate bill 1375 compared to 110th Senate bill 324 language) here:

    this is right below the four things you can do right now, not too far down the page. Here:

    Come to think of it I posted the text to Twitter and my website and in emails and on the Facebook coalition quite a while – I suppose not lately though.

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