A question for depression sufferers

Do you work and struggle with depression? How do you handle your really low days? I'm finding it almost impossible to get through the day and feel like the world is caving in on you?

8 thoughts on “A question for depression sufferers

  1. Sometimes, I feel like a “functioning depressive” (sort of like what a “functioning alcoholic” must be like)…but I’ve been doing better. On mornings where I just don’t want to get up and I want to call in, I try to just get up slowly and do one thing at a time. My depression can quickly trigger anxiety (and vice versa), so I really try to stay focused so my thoughts don’t stay out of control. Deep breathing and mantras help me…most of the time.

  2. i’m finding it more and more difficult to function. my insides just feel like it’s rotting away. i’ve tried zoloft and had some relief and now changed to celexa, which makes me even more depressed and anxious. i just feel like crying.

  3. Hey there:
    I must apologize for I am often times a reader and not a commenter, but a question has been on my mind lately regarding your possible opinion and I thought I might get your take on it as I have recently created a blog on the topic myself.
    Considering you are working with both a substance issue and depression (both of which are very difficult tasks to tackle! Let alone at the same time!) I was wondering what your take on the recovery-movement in mental health was and whether you have had any, positive or negative, experiences with a recovery-based clinic?
    I only ask because the movement stemmed from recovery from substance abuse methods and has also hit the depression side of healthcare as well, so it seemed like you might know a thing or two about it.
    Also from the research I have done have you looked into yoga at all? I know it might sound odd, but yoga, non-denominational meditations, and physical activity can have amazing non-medicinal affects on both substance abuse and depression. Of course the meditation practice only sees affects with extended time and regimented practice, but I have seen cases of severe paranoid schizophrenia where meditation, yoga, exercise, and a healthy diet nearly cleared out most symptom interference! It can be amazing, truly amazing.
    There are a few articles you might find interesting on the subject matter at:
    1) 10 Tips To Staying Mentally Healthy
    **this one speaks to exercising and tips to fight off environments which are conducive to many mental illnesses, including substance abuse and depression
    2) What Is Mental Health Recovery
    **this is a great article about what the recovery movement is and how it is changing mental healthcare
    I also recently submitted an article on the importance of exercise and meditation (along with spirituality, faith, and religion on the effects of recovery from such problems) for publication on ezineArticles and I would very much love to get your take on it as someone actually experiencing the emotional and physical conditions of recovering!
    I would love to speak more with you on the subject!! And if you wouldn’t mind I might even love to quote you in a posting of my Menatl Health Recovery Blog if you would be at all comfortable with that. If not of course I would love to continue or discussion anyways!
    All the best and I hope your low days are few and far between! I look forward to speaking with you more!
    Lex Douvasa
    MHCD Research and Evaluations

  4. i’ve tried counseling, but it didn’t help. i try to work out, and it relieves some depression and anxiety, but it’s short lived. i tried yoga, but when i try to meditate, i end up thinking about things. the only thing that seems to work for me is medication. i tried to do without and take an alternative approach. however, my anxiety and depression became out of control, and i resorted back to being medicated. i haven’t yet tried recovery groups.

  5. At my previous job there were days when I felt like I spent more time crying in the bathroom than I did actually doing work. I eventually had to quit when my depression got really bad. My current job has been a very different experience. While I’m there I’m actually almost ok. I’m always busy and my mind is focused on what I’m doing and what is going on around me. Having something to give my life structure helps too. On my days off I’m more depressed and spend most of the time in bed.
    I wish I could offer an actual solution…

  6. There are days when I have such a sadness that overcomes me, I can’t put it into words, but its that feeling you get when someone very close to you dies. And on top of that, sounds hurt your ears, light hurts your eyes and you get very jumpy cause the postpartum, has an evil sidekick, and her name is insomnia. Oh insomnia, she comes to visit all the time, you tell her you don’t feel like hosting this party and she shows up anyway, with her friends: doubt,fear and nightmare. Doubt has the nerve to invite anger and suspicion. And as rude as you are to them, they stay as LONG as THEY want! And then out of the blue they get their coats and leave…….until next time.

  7. I’m unipolar. I’m on disability now, and never feel really “well” but I have times I feel much better than others. I go into depressive cycles that can be really horrendous. I know now that there is nothing I can do to end them when I’m in them or stop them from happening. That has helped a bit because I don’t fight them anymore. Once I realize what’s happening, I try to keep saying to myself “OK, I’m in a depression cycle. I know there’s nothing I can do about it. I need to just hang in there and know that, even though it feel like it will go on forever, I know it won’t. It will end, it has always ended. I just have to get through it and one morning I’ll wake up and I’ll feel better” And so far, that’s been true.

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