3 thoughts on “Quote of the Week

  1. Hi Marissa!
    This is a great post. I was put on drugs because side effects of Tofranil was seen as diseases by another psychiatrist.
    I believe that psych-drugs are being over prescribed.
    I have seen people who are really in need of psychiatry care because of a maniac phase or schizophrenia and that’s the problem.
    I’ve once talked to a man who said that while he was hospitalized he knew that one of the medications was causing him harm. He asked the nurse to solve it into water claiming it was too bitter and before the time to take it arrived he drunk on liter of soda. After taking the drug he went to the bathroom and vomit it.
    This is what is not understandable. Patients cannot discuss with their doctors about the drugs.
    It’s all too complex.
    But yes, I agree that even with all the imperfection there is time for medication. Unfortunately the research is not advancing since they want to make more money with the same old drugs.
    SSRIs is perhaps the most harmful of all these drugs. I believe that those who are clinically depressed could take non SSRIs antidepressants since it has already been prove that they are not safe and affective.
    re: https://depressionintrospection.wordpress.com/2009/04/psych-drug-avoidance.html

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