Song of the Week: Look What You've Done by Bread

I’m laughing as I write this post. My song of the week makes me feel like an old soul in a young body. It was made nearly half a decade before I was even born.

BreadBut I must admit, one of my favorite bands of all time is… Bread. Unless you’re a soft rock junkie like me, you likely have never heard of this band or you’ve heard their music but never knew who they were. (I was part of the latter for a long time.)

Despite the fact that Bread was popular soft rock group in the ’70s, I grew up being subjected to “lite music” in my mom’s car in the 80s. Hearing artists like Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, and Journey give me flashbacks to my childhood when I would sit in the backseat of our gray Honda Accord below the speakers that aired 106.7 lite fm. Yes, I am an anomaly. While my cousins grew up listening to Slick Rick, Biz Markie, and Doug E. Fresh, I preferred the soft sounds of Frank Sinatra, Foreigner, and Gloria Estefan. I still would take The Carpenters any day over Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam.

So my song of the week is a throwback to my childhood. Soft rock, for some reason, has always given me a sense of peace and security. (It might have to do with the psychological aspect of me being strapped down by a seat belt while listening to it.) I don’t have any bad memories associated with many of these songs so I’ve chosen my latest obsession for this week: “Look What You’ve Done” by Bread. You can listen to the full song here.

You have taken the heart of me
And left just a part of me,
And look, look, look what you’ve done.
Well, you took all the best of me,
So come get the rest of me,
And look back, finish what you’ve begun.
Be done.

There is someone you ought to meet;
It’s me, Mister Incomplete.
Look at what I’ve become.
For it’s due to the lack of you
That I’m now only half of two.
Look—I said back—finish what you’ve begun.
Oooh, be done.

Come and sit by my side
Where there’s nothing to hide
And we’ll try to decide what you needed;
But from where I stand today,
I can’t think of the way
Or the words that I might say
That will change your mind and make you stay.
Oh, no, not for all the times I’ve pleaded.

Look (look),
look (look),
Look what you’ve done.
You have taken the best of me,
So come get the rest of me,
And look back,
Finish what you’ve begun.
I’ll be done.
Oh, be done.
Be done.

4 thoughts on “Song of the Week: Look What You've Done by Bread

  1. honey if you grew up when I did WE ALL knew Bread whether we wanted to or not!!
    anyway as a teeny bopper they were popular among us teeny boppers…

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