I’ve got my Lamictal withdrawal, my crappy sleep, and my period (sorry, guys, it’s a fact of a female life). I’ve had one of my worst days in a long time and I’ve got a big decision I need to make soon so I’m a bit stressed out. I was pretty low today so my husband stayed home with me to help me out. I feel like I take him for granted sometimes. He’s just TOO good to me and FOR me. He’s so supportive in so many of my goals and dreams and sacrifices so much for me. Soon to be 4 years into our marriage and I’m happier than Day One.

He recognizes more than I do the withdrawal symptoms at work in my body. I feel as though this fatigue thing is all in my head and he’s convinced it’s real. (I just think I’ve gotten lazy and sluggish.) My sleep troubles still persist but I’m on my second day of Tryptophan so we’ll see if there’s any improvement.

I’m not sure why I’m blogging about this. I’m feeling extremely mopey and pessimistic and am still struggling with issues of self-worth (and self-loathing). I know people reading this care even though my feelings tell me otherwise. Maybe that’s why I’m blogging this right now. Maybe I just need some social support. Please forgive me for asking for your support and encouragement. I could use it. If you pray, utter a prayer for me. Thanks.

9 thoughts on “Triple-whammy

  1. It does take a while for your body to recalibrate itself whether meds are coming or going. Give yourself a lot of room.
    – from a guy who, with Dr.’s ok, eliminating Seroquel.

  2. honey, if it’s in your head then it’s in mine too…Lamictal kicked my a** so bad I’m literally house bound (now that DOES NOT happen to virtually anyone) but fatigue and intense fatigue is indeed normal with withdrawal from Lamictal…and yeah, you know we love you…
    be in touch if you need me.

  3. I just saw this post today.
    I’m sorry you’re feeling this way.
    Keep this in mind:
    It’s withdrawal, it’s withdrawal…
    As Gianna said we care too much about you and would be very sad if you did not share your feelings.
    You’ll be on my prayers.

  4. It’s so great that you have such a supportive husband! During my experience with depression, it’s so important to have the people you love care about you and help you through your difficult times.

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  6. Hey there, came upon your blog and know that feeling that you have. It’s part of being a woman and you just need to take each day as it comes. I will have a prayer for you, too.

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