Drug-induced suicidal ideation

This is a great post from Ana on how she struggled with suicidal thoughts while tapering off of Effexor. She was a lot better about identifying this stuff than I’ve ever been. I’m linking to this because I want people to know that suicidal thoughts CAN be drug-induced. I’m well aware of that now coming off of Lamictal. No problems so far but I have struggled with it in the past when I tried to jump down from 200 mg to 150 mg.

6 thoughts on “Drug-induced suicidal ideation

  1. Thank you Marissa.
    I have to write the second but still got no guts for that.
    I really wish this message to be heard.
    I still remember in amazement how strong the feeling of the action was even without the “real wanting”.
    The most strange was that even knowing it was withdrawal I didn’t call anybody and I’m sure if it was the real stuff I would never do what I did and I would have searched for help.
    I will try to be very specific when writing the second.
    I felt some times drug-induced suicidal ideation but only twice it was that strong that led me to do these things.
    Drug-induce suicidal ideation should be at the front pages of mags. But the mainstream media don’t care.

  2. It was a great post, Ana, and I’m glad you wrote it. I hope you do write about the second, although I know it would be painful.
    Mainstream media doesn’t care much about anything that doesn’t make them money.

  3. For me, Effexor was a truly nasty drug. It got me out of bed, but it made me hostile!
    However, I experienced suicidal ideation on Geodon, and immediately stopped taking it.
    And a few months later when a friend’s son was taking Geodon, waving a knife in the air, and threatening to kill himself, I was able to tell her it was the Geodon, he should call his psychiatrist, and get of it ASAP. The moment he stopped taking it; he stopped thinking about suicide.
    But, I always find it interesting that we have to figure these things out ourselves!

  4. It took Effexor and the others a long time to even admit there was such a thing as discontinuation syndrome but after getting their butts kicked in court it is now part of the med literature. When I come off of meds I tend to be placed on the psych ward for “the safety of myself and others”. take care

  5. i go long long periods w/o meds
    wifey always wants me to take neds
    i only wanna take em if in either extreme, severe mania or severe depression
    otherwise i prefer NO DRUGS

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