Lamictal withdrawal: 125 mg… and counting

I'm down to 125 mg… I'm feeling sluggish and wiped out. I have what I call "body zaps" — basically I feel little prickles, like someone sticking a pin in my skin — that I find highly uncomfortable. (It's similar to feeling "brain zaps" or "brain shivers" throughout your body.) They mainly occur when I'm still, especially when I'm laying down in bed at night.

My sleeping schedule is also out of whack. While my body can be tired by midnight or 1 am, my brain simply will NOT shut off. My brain decides to shut down along with my body around 3 or 4 am from sheer exhaustion.

A few people have recommended I take melatonin to get back to a normal sleeping pattern, but I'm not sure whether that would be okay as I withdraw from the medication. Melatonin seems relatively harmless but right now, I can't tell what's normal with my body and what's not.

0 thoughts on “Lamictal withdrawal: 125 mg… and counting

  1. Hey Marissa,
    Melatonin is a powerful hormone…it might be okay but I would go with something gentler if you want to try using something natural to help with sleeping.
    If you take tart cherry extract that also naturally enhances melatonin but it’s not as likely to cause problems…melatonin kinda messed with my delicate system…
    also there are some amino acids I can recommend that might be helpful…if you want suggestions send me a note…
    oh, and, please listen to your body…if you’re feeling really weird just DON’T keep on tapering…try not to make this a race…I know most people get impatient when they come off a drug but it really does often run them into problems that can be avoided.
    take care…be well…and I’m thinking of you always.

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