Lamictal withdrawal + sickness = out of it

I'm most likely out of commission for the week. I traveled this past weekend and came down with this nasty cold. Along with tapering down on Lamictal, I'm feeling kind of spacey and out of it. Thanks to a good friend's advice, I'm holding off on tapering down some more until I'm feeling better. So right now, I can't tell whether I'm suffering from Lamictal withdrawal, the effects of a common cold, or a combination of the two.

Except for the blurry vision β€” I've had that since starting Lamictal and the withdrawal is making the difference much more, er, visible.

3 thoughts on “Lamictal withdrawal + sickness = out of it

  1. Have the withdrawal-type symptoms gotten better? I’m on Lamictal so I’m wondering how easy it will be to come off of it whenever I get taken off it.
    I have blurry vision, but I think that’s just cuz my contacts don’t fit my eyes as well as they should. The main problem I have with it is that I gag everytime I take a pill. Something about the size/shape and the fact that it’s very chalky makes it hard for me to swallow.

  2. The blurry vision is a side effect, believe it or not. I have contacts too.
    What mg are you on? I find that if I swallow a bunch of water with the pill — I’m bad at taking pills too — it goes down much easier.
    Blech. πŸ˜›

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