My own fail Friday

It's so easy to get my mood sinking faster than the Titanic. Just tell me that a girl I worked with at the newspaper in college now writes for Forbes, my former college paper editor-in-chief has been able to meet Oprah and interview the White House press secretary, and that another one of my former classmates has interned at the New York Times.

It's not like I'm sitting here wishing I were as successful as they are. I'm having my own fail Friday. I'm pretty bummed; I don't want to do anything right now.

Btw — just in case you're wondering, I had a rant posted on here a few days ago that I took down because it sounded like total self-pity and I didn't like it. I might take this down too but venting for now makes me feel better.

One thought on “My own fail Friday

  1. I never read anything that sounded self-pity.
    Please don’t delete this post.
    I feel the same and it’s good to know that I’m not alone.
    We don’t want to put the blame on anything as a reason not to have accomplished some of our goals. However we had to deal with an “extra” problem that has affected our lives in a way that it’s hard to explain to those who didn’t had to fight it.
    Funny because I was thinking about a post with the title with something implying “This blog is a failure”.
    There’s nothing I can say to easy the pain of some blog friends; no matter how many we all write nothing changes… blah blah blah…
    It’s a little bit frustrating.
    And my life?
    My life is a mess! lol

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