United States of Tara

United States of Tara

I don’t have much familiarity with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) but Showtime has a new show called United States of Tara in which the main character (Tara) has three alter egos: Buck (thinks she’s a guy), T (think she’s a 15-year-old), and Alice (turns Betty Crocker when she feels like she’s a bad mother). Then Tara is… Tara trying to be a normal wife and mother. I watched a truncated episode of the pilot and the show seems interesting. I just hope that the husband of 17 years doesn’t suddenly ditch Tara for her cuter, younger, and non-DID sister Charmaine. (I sigh because I see it coming anyway.)

I don’t personally know anyone with DID. Does anyone want to check out the pilot and tell me what they think? It’s 30 minutes. I’m curious to see if someone gets the impression that it’s a mixture of poking fun at DID and showing a realistic aspect of what life must be like with the disorder.

Update: Apparently, Showtime takes DID pretty seriously.

5 thoughts on “United States of Tara

  1. this show is offensive and sucks badly. It makes a joke out of a serious condition that is caused by heinous, unimaginable trauma in childhood, unimaginable to most people…(this is not mentioned in the show and I doubt it ever will be if the first episode indicates anything at all)
    I can only say that all involved in the productions (and there is a lot of creative talent involved) have their heads up their a*&es.
    I’m sick of seeing this crap promoted all over the place even inadvertently here on this blog. I will not give it the time of day on my blog.
    sorry for the rant…I simply couldn’t stand watching it and squirmed through the whole thing…because I knew it was going to make a splash…and I wanted to know what I was talking about…

  2. Well, I don’t think the point of the show was to exploit DID. The website mentioned that often in movies and TV shows, people with mental illnesses are portrayed as creepy, scary, and villainous — the kind of person you wouldn’t want to go near. I think they’re trying to personalize Tara and make you like her while poking fun at the disorder. I don’t have any personal experience with the disorder so I don’t know if it can be funny in anyway but thinking back to my father’s schizophrenia, it was sad in a lot of ways during that time but I can look back and laugh at a lot of stuff.
    Also, I think the show also gets input from NAMI is that tells you anything.

  3. Considering what the circumstances are which often account for the genesis of this disease, I would think its probably not appropriate as the premise for a show like this. It will probably spawn others like it on other networks, considering the prevalence of mental health problems in the population (at least according to the DSM/IV) and cause society (and insurance companies) to make light of mental health, which is already NOT considered worthy of insurance coverage, for many people. I have not seen the show, but those are my thoughts. I can see co-sufferers joking about their afflictions. Its a survival thing. But I don’t think its healthy to portray it to the general public as anything but seriously disruptive and debilatating. It will probably end up being a tool for pharmaceutical companies to air their most convincing ads. -Peter

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