100 Things About Me: Second Round

Has anything changed since I last wrote this back in July 2007? Here are some new, old (in bold), and updated (in red) facts about me.

1.     I am 26 years old.

2.     I was born and raised in Brooklyn until I was 5 years old then moved to Long Island where I remained until I married at 23. (With intervals of being away at college.)

3.     My parents were married til’ death did them part. (My father died in 2001.)

4.     I am an only child.

5.     My extended family is split between New York and Florida.

6.     I am Haitian: ½ African and ½ French. Perhaps Spanish as well.

NYU7.    I went to NYU for my freshman year, a strict Christian college in Florida for a year and a half afterward, then received my Bachelor’s degree after attending a private college on Long Island for 2 years.

8.     I lived in Kentucky for 7 months and hated it.

9.     I live in suburban Philadelphia and love it.

10.   I liked my first job out of college as a copy editor at a daily newspaper.

haitian meal11.   My favorite food includes fried plantains, rice and beans, okra, Jamaican beef patties, goat (cabrit), and fried pork (griot).

12.   I am (for whatever reason) addicted to coffee and lattés.

13.   I usually order French Vanilla or Hazelnut coffee and French Vanilla lattés unless there’s a seasonal flavor like Pumpkin Spice.

14.  I attend Christian counseling every other Tuesday at the Christian Counseling Education Foundation (CCEF) in Glenside, PA. (That’s an endorsement!)

15.  I’m married to a very loving and supportive husband.

16.  I am not athletic. At all.

17.  I have a degree in Print Journalism and a minor in English.

18.  I have kissed one girl several times when I was under the age of 10.

19.  I suffer from bipolar disorder with the pendulum swinging way in favor of depression.

20.  I struggle with suicidal ideation.

21.  I have stopped counting the number of times I’ve attempted suicide.

22.  My favorite font is Tahoma.

23.  I am a Bible-believing Christian who is saved by grace in Jesus Christ.

24.  I am a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

25.  I want kids but am afraid that I will be a terrible mother who lacks the discipline to raise her children well and in the fear of the Lord.

26.  I am incredibly insecure.

27.  I am learning that life is “not all about me.” (It’s about God.)

28.  I am a big baseball fan.

Phillies vs Yankees29.  I am a Phillies and Yankees fan. (The two loyalties do not conflict unless both teams meet in the World Series or a special game is played.)

30.  I love shopping for handbags and shoes.

31.  My favorite time to shop for clothes is in the fall and winter.

32.  I hate summer “clothing.”

33.  I rarely watch TV.

34.  I rarely watch movies.

neat room35.  I love organization, organizing, and anything to do with the art of organizing.

36.  I enjoy going to Barnes & Noble. (Mainly because I can read a book and drink coffee at the same time, which I can’t do at a library.)

37.  I don’t like chocolate except for Betty Crocker Low-Fat Brownies and Hot Cocoa.

38.  I am a procrastinator.

39.  I am usually late for nearly everything except for a scheduled train.

40.  I don’t like receiving flowers. (I think it’s useless to give someone something that will die a day or two later.)

41.  I wish I could get paid for blogging. (Google Ads did not work out for me. You can donate, though, using the PayPal button at the top right-hand corner of the index page!)

42.  I prefer to buy black clothing because it matches everything.

43.  I do not like to wear flat shoes except for flip-flops.

44.  My dream job is to be an editor at a magazine that has content which interests me.

45.  I want to pursue freelance writing.

46.  I can easily feel overwhelmed.

47.  I’m not very good at delegating.

48.  I calorie-count.

49.  I love learning; I wish I could be a career student.

Gabrielle Union50.  I have black hair, dark brown “doo-doo” eyes, and cocoa skin.

51.  I am 5 foot and ¾ inches tall.

52.  I have severe eczema on my calves and shins.

53.  I enjoy making lists. (Can you tell?)

54.  I don’t pray or read the Bible as much as I would like.

55.  I prefer having long hair.

56.  I don’t like to get paid for sitting around and doing nothing.

57.  I enjoy naps.

58.  I am ambitious.

59.  I have a great desire to be in a position of authority and an expert on a specialized topic.

60.  I want to be consistent about attending church regularly.

61.  I obsess about my weight.

62.  I don’t enjoy exercising.

63.  I have high cholesterol.

64.  I am very bad about keeping in touch with people via telephone or email.

bichon65.  I love small dogs.

66.  I am terrible managing a group of kids.

67.  I worked for a political grassroots organization in New York back in 2000.

68.  I have interned at Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s office.

69.  I can type 60+ words per minute (wpm).

70.  I loathe receptionist/assistant jobs.

71.  I have never been “accepted” in a clique.

72.  I’ve been told “talk” and “act” white.

73.  I don’t read fiction often.

74.  I am addicted to McDonald’s Fruit n’ Yogurt Parfaits.

bad math75.  I am terrible with math but can (for the most part) manage and balance a budget effectively. (Go figure.)

76.  I have several blogs: mental health, 3 personal, thankfulness journal, church sermon summary, exercise, political, and a secret one. In fact, I think I’m forgetting a few.

77.  I never had a cavity until I was 25.

78.  I prefer Windows over Mac except when it comes to iTunes.

iPhone79.  I have an iTouch and want an iPhone.

80.  I drive 26 miles roundtrip to and from work.

81.  I am registered Democrat.

82.  I am a conservative socialist. (I am pro-life and pro-government funded programs.)

83.  I am often anti-trend.

84.  I am kind, generous, loving, and loyal.

85.  I don’t like washing dishes.

86.  I don’t care for dusting or vacuuming either.

87.  I am a “starter,” not a “finisher.” (I sometimes start projects but don’t finish them.)

88.  I lack discipline in the following areas:

  • prayer time
  • consistent Bible reading
  • exercise
  • getting up at the same time each morning
  • going to bed at the same time each night

89.  I have a hard time coming up with more than 50 “things about me.”

90.  I prefer to handwrite novels and stories rather than type them electronically.

looseleaf91.  I often use both sides of lined paper.

92.  I can surf the Internet or write blog entries for at least 4 hours straight without leaving my chair.

93.  I prefer editing over writing. (But I enjoy both.)

94.  I don’t like interviewing people.

95.  I urinate a lot. (At least 2-3 times an hour.)

96.  I love to collect well-designed journals and notebooks even if I’ll never use them.

97.  I read young adult (YA) novels to get a sense of how to write a YA novel of my own.

98.  I love Victoria’s Secret pants because they’re the only brand I’ve found that fits me well.

99.  I am bad about backing up my files on the two computers I own.

100.  I used to be addicted to soda.

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