Movie to avoid: The Happening

I do not watch movies often. Mainly because I think I could be doing something more useful during the time I spend watching a movie. I’m not knocking anyone who enjoys watching movies — my husband does — but they’re usually too long for me. Like an hour to an hour and a half too long.

Which is why I love the site Movies in Fifteen Minutes. It’s sort of a parody retelling mixed in with actual events of the movie that takes about 15 minutes to read. I read Cloverfield to my husband (who saw it and hated it) and he said that it was pretty close to the movie. Therefore, I figure her humorous spin on movies, while off-kilter, is slightly accurate and gets the gist across.

The HappeningSo when I saw that Cleolinda Jones, author of the blog, had a write-up of M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening, I was excited. It was one of the few movies I’d wanted to see since I love The Sixth Sense and heard a lot of good reviews about The Village. However, before giving her take on the movie, Jones writes:

It’s just as bad as you’ve heard. I went in hoping that people were just being harsh on Shyamalan out of habit… They really… aren’t.

(Spoiler/ending revealed under post continuation)

Basically, what’s “happening” is that everyone is committing suicide. There’s something in the trees (or the wind or the air or whatever)  that causes people to kill themselves in various ways. Hanging, jumping off buildings, shooting themselves, slitting wrists… it’s all there. First of all, the concept of trees (or the wind or the air or whatever) causing people to kill themselves is dumb enough and then an entire movie of people going around killing themselves (what initially appears to be for no reason) is even worse. As if I don’t have enough ideas swirling around in my head already. If you struggle with suicidal thoughts like I do, just go read Jones’ funny recount of the movie and avoid watching the seriously graphic nature of it.

I’m glad I didn’t spend the money to go see it at the theater. (I almost did.) I would have walked out.

By the way, if you saw the movie and have a different opinion, please feel free to let me know. I read Jones’ summary to my movie-crazy husband and he’s turned off from seeing it too.

2 thoughts on “Movie to avoid: The Happening

  1. Ugh, I went and saw it a few weeks ago and it was bad-exactly as described. it was two hours (or, however long the movie was) of people randomly killing themselves. I did stay for the entire movie (hey, I spent good money on that!) but more than once I found myself closing my eyes and covering my ears to block out having to watch yet another suicide.

  2. worst “movie” ever! I agree with you about the disturbing suicide scenes again and again that actually made ppl laugh in the movie theater (we should of known by the mere fact that there was only one other couple in the entire theater watching this garbage, and that was opening weekend) I am so disgusted by this so called movie, i too usually dont waste my time and money on walk-in movies anymore and this just further supported my case. Everyone deserves to be reimbursed for this crap being put into their heads and Shyamalan should be locked up for a mental evaluation right away. Oh and by the way i think everyone is owed a public apology for this garbage. Story line so incredibly bad, acting deplorable just plain disgusted by this entire thing. (by the way couldn’t they at least have grabbed that portable radio to hear the news maybe – so dumb, ugh!)

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