CCEF 2008 Annual Conference: The Addict In Us All

CCEF 2008 Annual Conference

I’ve previously mentioned that I receive (currently weekly) counseling at CCEF in Glenside, PA. They hold a conference every year on various topics. Last year’s subject was overcoming fear and my husband and I found it to be immensely helpful. This year’s topic focuses on addiction. I received a PR from them and am posting it below.

Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) Announces
2008 Annual Conference – The Addict in Us All

Addiction sounds ominous, and it is. Addictions to drugs, alcohol, and gambling tear families apart and ruin lives. But this conference is about more than the junkie scoring dope or the alcoholic hiding vodka around the house. Even the average person gets stuck in negative behavior patterns. Overeating, shopping, sexual temptation, people’s approval, even love…everyone struggles with something. And everyone faces moments of despair and thinking that change is not possible.

Is it possible to change longstanding behavior patterns?  The faculty and counselors at CCEF believe that God can change the despairing and the stuck—no matter what they are struggling with.  CCEF’s 2008 Annual Conference “The Addict in Us All” slated for November 14-16, 2008 at the Valley Forge Convention Center and November 13 Pre-Conference hopes to accurately represent what God says to stuck people and those who want to help them.

Keynote CCEF speakers and noted authors Drs. Ed Welch, David Powlison, and Tim Lane, along with Mars Hill Church Senior Pastor/ best selling author Mark Driscoll will lead the weekend to explore how God pursues those who have given up all hope for change. A team of experienced biblical counselors, including CCEF faculty, Dr. Mike Emlet and Winston Smith, will lead general sessions and special sessions on topics that include Addicted to “Yes”: The Approval Junkie; Addicted to Love; Teens and Addiction; and This Is Your Brain on Drugs.

We are delighted to have Keith and Kristyn Getty returning again this year to lead worship. The Gettys continue to tour the world promoting their album, In Christ Alone.

Since 1968, CCEF has set the pace in biblical counseling teaching people how to explore the wisdom and depth of the Bible and apply its grace-centered message to the problem of daily living.

For registration details visit and click on “Annual Conference” or call 1-800-318-2186.

I considered skipping this year’s conference because I don’t consider myself the typical addict (i.e., drugs, alcohol, gambling). But when it comes to needing approval, eating sweets (emotional eating), and negative thinking, I’m just as much an addict as the person in rehab for substance abuse. This PR has me rethinking my position. Feel free to click on the image above to learn more about the conference if you’re interested. It will be held a half-hour outside of Philly at the Valley Force Conference Center near King of Prussia Mall.

On a related note: I’m curious to find out how the Foundation discovered my blog. I know it wasn’t from my counselor.

2 thoughts on “CCEF 2008 Annual Conference: The Addict In Us All

  1. I’m half tempted to send this info to my mother-several months ago she had a conversation about addiction and her relationship with food. I think that this is something that she could be interested in, except for the “Christian” aspect of it.

  2. Addiction is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, or excessive psychological dependence. n medical terminology, an addiction is a state in which the body depends on a substance for normal functioning and may occur along with physical dependence, as in drug addiction.

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