Celebrity Sensitivity: Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst I’m not a fan of Kirsten Dunst or her acting (but Interview with the Vampire was pretty good) but I have to give her sympathy if she was depressed enough to check into a hospital. Her admission comes toward the end of Depression Overawareness and Overmedication Week and May’s Mental Health Awareness Month.

In February of this year, Dunst checked into Cirque Lodge Treatment Center, a “posh facility” in Utah that has treated the likes of Eva Mendes (wouldn’t say) and Lindsay Lohan (substance abuse).

In any event, Dunst stayed low-key about her treatment for depression.

As for why she decided to talk about her struggles now, Dunst tells E!, “Now that I’m feeling stronger, I was prepared to say something … Depression is pretty serious and should not be gossiped about.”

(Does this count as gossiping?)

Dunst dealt with her depression allegedly by partying and engaging in “wild nights.” However, a supportive friend says that she had been struggling for quite a while.

“She’s been crying a lot lately, ” said the friend. “Everybody hits that bottom where you feel [so] scared that that one heavy night of partying can really wake you up. It’s good she’s getting herself help.”

I’m glad that she was able to get treatment. Although I still envy the “posh facility” part of it. Checking in to a hospital is never fun but I can only imagine that celebrities are treated comfortably. See it here.

(Hat tip: Gianna at Beyond Meds)

3 thoughts on “Celebrity Sensitivity: Kirsten Dunst

  1. I had a brief look at the Cirque Lodge site…I know that hospitals and other facilities don’t have the money to replicate something like this; however, it would be nice if they tried to establish more “normalcy” in the patient’s environment. Sometimes the monochromatic rooms sterotyped on film aren’t that far from reality. :S

  2. Anyone who’s read my blog lately knows the recent struggles I’ve had. I’ve been severely depressed and suicidal. I hesitate to check myself into an inpatient facility because I’m afraid of the “monochromatic rooms.” Here in Oklahoma, not much money goes to help mental health patients, so I wouldn’t expect any facility to be even close to Cirque Lodge. I’m scared those rooms would make me feel crazier. If I could find something like that here, I wouldn’t be so hesitant to go in for treatment.

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