Light posting & Quote of the Week returns

Posting might be light this week. The full-time editor/proofreader at the agency I’m currently working for got into a bad car accident early Tuesday morning and is suffering from a concussion and may have a broken wrist. She was hoping to be back at work by Thursday but her concussion’s still pretty bad and she can’t really see. I’m filling in for her full-time this week. Depending on how she progresses, I may be working for the company full-time next week as well. The company begins summer hours on Friday, which means that I’ll get out at 2 pm if all work goes smoothly. Maybe some posting then.

In the meantime, Quotes of the Week will be posted regularly every Sunday. Enjoy.

One thought on “Light posting & Quote of the Week returns

  1. wow Marissa you’re really doing some good articles here! Between you and Furious Seasons, I don’t have to write anymore LOL.
    (I can barely keep up with reading both of your blogs these days!)
    Thanks for the great work!

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