This time, I'm NOT walking

While surfing through my Google News Alerts, I stumbled upon a Newsday article about a man from the Long Island town on Freeport who participated in the NAMI’s Queens/Long Island chapter "Walk for the Mind" on Sunday.

I was curious to see if the walk was an annual event for each local NAMI chapter. Turns out it is.

NAMI Pennsylvania’s 3K walk takes place on Saturday, September 20 in Harrisburg
. I don’t plan on participating this year but wonder if I should ever participate in the future. (Again, my cynical lens shines through.)

Speaking of NAMI, I went to the local library and saw a whole set-up of literature atop one of those big glass cases that usually house small scale models of towns, art, and such. (When I get a chance, I’ll post a picture.)

The ENTIRE top of the case was littered with NAMI literature. My reaction was joy. I was really happy that the PA chapter of NAMI was really canvassing and getting information out to the public to raise awareness about mental illness. As a person suffering from mental illness, I want to decrease stigma around it by (almost) whatever means necessary.

I was also happy to see a variety of resources: support groups, hotlines, and even a 5 x 7 card listing "famous people" who suffered from mental illness. By the way, 90 percent of them suffered from the overdiagnosed disorder, depression.

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  1. Amber Anique said,

    May 24, 2008 at 7:08 pm

    I participated in the walk last year…it was a bit unorganized. I had a decent time, because of the actual cause & my family was with me, but, for something that is supposed to be organized for the Mentally Ill…it was something that took me into FULL BLOWN RAGE!!!! I didn’t participate in the one this year because of what I remember from the last one. Apparently, it was their first event…maybe I’ll try again next year.

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