Poor Wyeth — New drug delayed in FDA approval

From Forbes.com:

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals just can't seem to catch a break. The company is not only increasingly worried that it will lose a large chunk of its revenues to generic competition, it also faces the ongoing threat that its pipeline is starting to go dry. A further delay in the approval of its postmenopausal osteoporosis drug has become one more nail in the pharma company's coffin.

The drug, bazedoxifene, has had a hard time getting approval from the FDA since April 2007.  The FDA is concerned about bazedoxifene's effects on causing myocardial infarctions or blood clots.

This is some pretty disheartening (to say the least) news considering that Effexor will soon be going generic and Pristiq has received some less-than-stellar reviews.

2 thoughts on “Poor Wyeth — New drug delayed in FDA approval

  1. Poor Wyeth? What a strange reaction! How about poor people with myocardial infarctions or blood clots? You say the DRUG has had a hard time???

  2. Alice,
    I just reread this post and I can understand where your comment comes from; I’m not sure new readers would be able to figure out that this was intended to be sarcastic. Regular readers here know that I’m pretty cynical of drug companies and it’s not a sympathetic post.

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