Never seen a psychotic episode? Here's your chance.

I came across The Happy Go Lucky Bachelor blog and found a very sad video of a woman suffering from a psychotic episode on a MARTA train (the rail system in Atlanta). I’ll post the YouTube video here but if the layout makes it look funky, go to the HGLB’s site or the youtube site.

She is currently in jail awaiting transfer to a mental health treatment facility. The video reminds me that while there’s overawareness about depression, there’s little awareness, help, or treatment in inner city minority communities.

3 thoughts on “Never seen a psychotic episode? Here's your chance.

  1. It’s sad to see this woman. I agree with Gianna that this poor woman deserves her dignity and it’s cruel to display her distress on the internet.
    Hopefully more help will be available for people with various mental health needs.

  2. Wow! This so so good to finally find a spot where I kinda feel at home. I got here from some anoymous person and from happygolucky bach. I have bipolar and I am commited until the day I die to break down the stigma of the mentally ill. It is sad that her distress is being displayed for the world to see. If it were the same people jeering @ the video, in the video..they wouldn’t want to be displayed either.

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