Fun with banned comments

I was just browsing through my spam comments filter today (I didn't even know I had one until recently) and discovered just how well it works. (If you need a refresher course on what's banned, check the second section of the right-hand column under "Banned Words.") I've put my "clean" revisions (as clean as it can get) in brackets.

I haven't gotten much done recently. I just don't have much to
say. I've just been staying at home doing nothing, but oh well. I
haven't been up to anything lately. My life's been basically
unremarkable. Basically not much notable going on these days.
The amazing spectacle. [a
woman who likes women-birthday suit] [a woman who likes women- doing
stuff involving genitals] [a woman who likes women-lady (yes, the word
"lady" was really used)] [a woman who likes women-penis (????)]  [a
woman who likes women-"sexy"]

How clever. The bolded sentences are appropriate for a blog about
depression and such and then random crap about lesbians and all the
possible words that could go with lesbians are thrown in. Except for
Mickey Mouse. Lesbian-Mickey Mouse doesn't make much sense. But this is
the reason why you humor me with creative phrases like "same-sex female

Spam comments never cease to amaze me. Dang capcha.

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