Assorted links roundup

Pastor Mike at KUPC Ask the Pastors answered the ever-controversial question about suicide that plagues Christianity: Will a Christian go to hell if he or she commits suicide? Pastor Mike answers that suicide is "forgivable but not permissible."

Spacedit at says that she has gained victory over depression as a result of evil spirits being cast out of her in the name of Jesus Christ. It’s a subject I’ve grappled with myself, and I’m not sure what to believe. But I won’t be passing judgment on her.

2 thoughts on “Assorted links roundup

  1. I think anything that someone believes in powerfully can be healing. I believe thoughts can heal—or make people sick. So to me the question is not necessarily are there truly evil spirits but do we have the faith that allows us to heal through our thoughts or other spiritual means. There is no judgment involved if people are able or unable to do this sort of thing. But what we believe is always extremely powerful.

  2. I think suicide is always an act done when one is mentally unstable and that is why it is forgivable. It takes a lot of courage to take ones own life. Anyone in the right frame of mind will not do it. If one is rational, he/she will seek help and find a way out of their problem. I faced this terrible temptation whenever I go through severe depression.
    When I am well or my depression is lifted, I cherish my life which God has given to me so that I can live for His glory and serve Him. May God preserve many from this great temptation during severe depressions!

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