The Last Psychiatrist—and my thoughts—on suicide

"Your life is a publicly traded company.  You may have majority ownership, but you still are subject to a Board and to your shareholders.  If you want to kill yourself, everyone you have touched in any way gets to vote.  Good luck."

I stumbled upon this post from The Last Psychiatrist written about a month ago. Alone basically argues that suicidal people shouldn’t kill themselves because they have a responsibility—a duty—to stay alive for others. The comments mostly lean toward people having the free will to kill themselves should they choose to do so. Here’s an excerpt from one of the comments:

"You have a responsibility to improve the lives of those around you." Excuse me?! When did THAT become part of the constitution? NOBODY has the responsibility or even the capability to improve anyone else’s life! Hell, you’re a Doctor and you don’t take responsibility for improving anyone’s life!

I’ve noticed that suicide is the taboo mental health topic even among the mentally ill. I’m going to go on a brief narcissist trip and mention that I received few comments on my last suicidal post. To be honest, I figured more people would have chided me for my distorted thinking. Makes me wonder to be quite honest. If I decided that I was going to commit suicide (which I’m not right now), would you support my decision or would you make a case for me to stay alive? What would you say?

Can I be even more narcissist and hope that I get at least 5 comments on this post? Thanks in advance.

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6 thoughts on “The Last Psychiatrist—and my thoughts—on suicide

  1. Well…. this is what I think and probably what I think isn’t worth much (wink). I’ve had my times of suicidal thoughts; some days I’ve had them more in one day. What stops me is the thought of leaving behind my sons. I love them more than myself, and it breaks my heart to think about what it would do to them if I were to “do the deed”.
    My own personal stance is “pro-life”. I would do anything and everything I could to talk you out of that dark spot. I think that your life has LOTS of value and I, for one, would be absolutely saddened to check out your blog only to find out that it is no longer in existence.

  2. Well, my life isn’t subject to anybody else, but my life does affect many lives around me. As such, if my life is suddenly snuffed out–by my own doing or otherwise–the lives of everybody around me is significantly altered. That said, I’m not sure this kind of reasoning is going to be very effective on somebody whose thoughts are primarily focused on self-destruction.
    Of course, I wouldn’t support your decision to commit suicide. I didn’t comment on your distorted thinking because you had done a great job of articulating them, and I thought you were completely aware of them. You had lotsa thinking errors and thought pattern contradictions in there. I just didn’t want to state the obvious. 🙂

  3. I would tell you that you have worth that goes beyond your your own ability to comprehend it…..
    And then, I would listen…..
    And then, I would say that there were no mistakes made in your design – you are who you and and what you are for reasons that were thought of long before you were ever born into this world…..
    And then, I would listen…..
    And I would keep listening…..

  4. Thanks, Rick. It was a ramble of a post and I couldn’t get a sense of what anyone thought of it.
    Michelle, what you think matters! (Of course.) I just want to feel like I’m making a difference in this world. (In secular terms, I’m a humanitarian; In Christian terms, I have the gift of mercy.)
    Duane, thank you so much. 🙂

  5. I have an email that says a new comment was posted but a not seeing one. However, I have re-read much of this and having done so, will offer a bit of input.

    I am a Christian. I became one many years ago when I was 23 and felt life was pretty useless. I had already tried unsuccessfully to kill myself 3 times. However, I met a group of other young people who were all Christians but were not affiliated with any specific church. But they studied scripture daily and loved Jesus, and tried their best to live a life following Him and His teachings, which was a whole new thought to me. BTW, His teaching is a way of self-denial, not self-importance, which actually is a key factor and HUGE.

    In a nutshell, their message was one of redemption — that is, that God had created me and had a purpose for my life, even if I did not see it. Herein lies the problem with most of us today. We want to SEE it. I came to realize that really did not matter, but that if I would nurture a spiritual relationship with Him, and live my life according to scripture as much as possible, He would lead me and see me through all the difficult times — and there have been many. I chose this path and can say in all honesty that it has been a wonderful journey, even though one that has had a great deal of pain. But it has had wonderful times as well. I have learned that focussing on my Self and my own need for importance and acceptance is the biggest pitfall I can have. Learning to put it aside and not worry about how important or of value to others I am is really one of the most freeing things I have ever done in my life.

    So I really don’t have an opinion as to whether one has a right or not to commit suicide. I just think it is terribly sad and selfish and yes, does leave many devastated in its wake. We never really understand how much our lives are impacting other people and how much we really do mean to others.

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