Vote for Furious Seasons!

I nominated Philip Dawdy’s Furious Seasons site for Best Health Blog and Best Blog of All Time for the 2008 Blogger’s Choice Awards. I know many of you read his site and really appreciate his contribution to writing about mental health issues so please go vote for him! Voting requires registration but it’s entirely worth it.

It’s about time I voted for a candidate I wholeheartedly like.

One thought on “Vote for Furious Seasons!

  1. Philip Dawdy is awesome. He speaks the truth….
    And, as it is written: “the truth shall set you free’….
    Nobody said it wouldn’t hurt first though, and for those who hurt when they read his work – it’s because they are in denial of much of the absolute scam that has become psychiatry….
    In large part due to his blog, the junk science of psychiatry is being exposed….
    I am thankful for him – He is a bold writer, and holds nothing back – including the truth.

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