Another one biting the dust…

Bipolar Wellness Writer has mentioned that she will discontinue writing her blog in a few weeks. (UPDATED—See bottom of this post.) Furious Seasons and Soulful Sepulcher have mentioned various mental health blogs that have authors who either are considering the possibility of discontinuing their blog (The Trouble with Spikol), have gone on hiatus (Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal and Recovery), have discontinued blogging (Been Broken (gone for now)) , or have deleted their blog altogether (Psych Survivor).

I answered Philip Dawdy’s questions about the recent spate of mental health blogs that are ceasing regular updates
. But I’m beginning to form my own questions as well. The common theme that I’ve read among many of these blogs is that the authors feel "held back" or that they need to move on with their lives or pursue other interests. Is writing about mental health issues—not just about personal experiences but in general—a burden that many people feel they no longer enjoy? Sort of like a job in which the work seemed enjoyable at first but has become too much to bear and it’s time to "quit" and move on?

I appreciate all of the bloggers who have contributed to the mental health blogosphere. I guess my main question is why the bloggers of political, technology, and celebrity blogs don’t feel that their blogs are holding them back. Is it perhaps the fact that these sites are more likely to make money? Or maybe Big Pharma owns so much of the corner market on generating ad revenue that mainstream outlets are hesitant to publicize anything that would criticize them. Or maybe mental health blogs are so personal that people feel as though they can’t continue to dwell on the past. I don’t have any answers this time. However, those who search Google for blogs regarding various topics on mental health can find these (unfortunately, they’re not all blogs):

UPDATE: Susan Bernard at Bipolar Wellness Writer responded to my comment on her blog:

Dear Marissa,
All may not be lost. Ever since I’ve written this post, friends have been suggesting ways to continue blogging–but not feel "stuck." So, I may change my mind. I’m noodling a bunch of ideas!

Thanks for your comment! I’ll let you know.


She’s also made a recent post in which she’s weighing her options and may consider changing her mind. (Thanks to BPD in OKC for tipping me off to this.)

5 thoughts on “Another one biting the dust…

  1. Bipolar Wellness Writer left this as a comment on her own blog entry today:
    “All may not be lost. Ever since I’ve written this post, friends have been suggesting ways to continue blogging–but not feel “stuck.” So, I may change my mind. I’m noodling a bunch of ideas!”
    So maybe she won’t quit blogging after all.

  2. Well yet another mental health blogger may be biting the dust.
    More than Conquerors” just posted this …
    “Okay, I need a BREAK! I have over-strained myself physically and mentally again 😦 …. Sorry that I need to take a break now. I will not be posting as often as I did previously.”

  3. I just came across your blog and I love that it is so nicely organized, clear, and manageable. I’ll be reading it more in the future. Why not add a “subscribe” button, too, in addition to the RSS feed? I can really appreciate your mood rating guide, too – that is very helpful. I’m recently diagnosed and learning about Bipolar 2 Depression. I’ve also started writing and invite you to visit my blog at Thank you for putting such an effort into the writing that you’ve done here. I really appreciate it, as I’m just becoming a part of the blog community and I seem to learn so much more from other patients than I have from therapies. Sincerely, J

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