Clarification on Mobile, Alabama high school suicide

Prester John left this comment:

"an 18-year-old high school student in Mobile, Alabama walked into a high school gym and shot himself in front of classmates on Thursday" The kid had some problems. He’d been suspended from school the day before, but they won’t say why. He had been arrested recently for his part in three armed robberies. (Incidentally, one of his accomplices is the son of a prominent local judge.) He was also homeless, which may very well explain the robberies. (Maybe even the other kid’s part in them. Helping out his bud, so to speak. Kids are so dumb, or at least I was.) Anyway, it’s a terrible tragedy. I’m not sure what it says about this town, state, and country that an 18 year old kid can be homeless but I am sure it’s not good.

The circumstances surrounding this suicide have just made me sadder.

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