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I’m blogging mobile via e-mail right now. Friday, February 29th will be my last day at work. As a result, my workload is dwindling and my opportunity for blogging has significantly increased with all the free time that I currently have (and will have) on my hands.

In the meantime, I am slowly making my rounds to read the few blogs I can access at work. For example, Liz Spikol falls under the Philadelphia Weekly so she’s able to get around the filters. I also have been able to access Furious Seasons (FS).

Speaking of FS, it’s been a long time since I’ve read the site (or any other blogs, for that matter) so upon my return, I stumble upon a heated argument in the comments section of Dawdy’s post on a NYC psychologist who was killed and a psychiatrist who was stabbed. The subsequent post addresses these comments and then more angry comments ensue as a result. Granted, the post occurred some time ago (Feb. 15), but it was a little jarring to come across those comments as I start to read blogs again. Considering the sensitivity of the topic, I was disturbed a little more than usual. Feel free to click on the links and see what all the hullabaloo was about.

My husband and I have decided that I will be leaving my job as a result of the dustup among me and my coworkers. I hope to take this time and try my hand at freelance writing, editing, and/or proofreading. I don’t know whether I’ll be any good or not but I can only hope that the reason for my student loan will be worthwhile. I’ve promised myself at least one week of a vacation (next week), but I like to stay busy and I’m not quite sure if it will be restful. I’ll likely be doing more reading, thinking, and blogging. I’ve decided that many of the articles I’d write would cover mental health topics (in all of its forms). It’s about as medical as I can get in the medically editorial-heavy Philadelphia area.

I’ll finally bite the bullet on Monday (March 3) and sit down and clean out my inboxes -my personal inbox and the one linked to this account (they’re separate). If you commented on this site back in August 2007, don’t be surprised to finally receive a reply. I also recently acquired an iTouch for my birthday so I am also able to access and read e-mails from any place that provides me with free wireless access. I’ll probably avoid lengthy replies on my Touch, however. There are many bloggers that I have been thinking about during the past several months – you know who you are! – and I hope to be in touch with many of you soon.

I’m looking forward to finally doing something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. It’s scary to jump into the unknown but it’s also somewhat exciting too. I may pull a Philip Dawdy and stick a PayPal button on this site. I don’t expect to raise ANYTHING close to what he gets but it’ll be better than the pennies I find here and there on the ground. I may consider some ads on the site even though Google didn’t work out so well.

But enough talk for now. I hope to provide some action soon.

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