I'm honored

Out of nowhere, I recently discovered that I’d won a top depression blog award from PsychCentral. This goes to show how delusional I am. I figured that I’d been on a nice blogging streak and now that it kind of died (as work and life picked up), my readership had too. I haven’t checked any of my personal e-mails for the past three or four months now so many of the comments or e-mails I may have received are still unread.

I’ve been very out of touch with the psych industry for the past few months. As many of you know, my place of employment – yes, I am STILL at the same job I’ve been wanting to get out of – has blocked access to blog hosting sites such as blogspot and wordpress. (They are now blocking typepad as well so I can’t even access the front page of my own site.) There are a few sites I can still get to, i.e. furiousseasons.com or trouble.philadelphiaweekly.com, but there are many others which I can’t access and/or comment on.

I hope to continue blogging again. I’ve put a lot of work and research into many of my posts in the past. It got to a point where my brain just fizzed out. I cannot promise frequent updates – daily or weekly – as I have done in the past. (Although if someone paid me to blog…) As of this post, I have not checked my personal e-mail. I will try to do so. Please be patient with me if you’ve e-mailed me several months ago and have not received a reply.
I’ve recently begun lugging my (personal) laptop to work with me, so I hope get up to speed with my blogroll and perhaps any new blogs people may recommend.

Thanks so much for the award. The past few months have been challenging in many ways and I feel fortunate to know that I have been able to touch the lives of the people who read this.

P.S. I’m working on something called NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, for the month of November. I’m working on reaching a 50,000 word count and so far I’m a little more than halfway there. My time in the month of November will be devoted to completing the novel so I can win another award. (The award of patting myself on the back for a job well done.) I’ll play catch up in December.

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