100 things about me: Part 4

31. I only drink water, tea, vanilla lattes, vanilla coffee, and apple juice. I’ll occasionally have lemonade (diet or Crystal Light).

32. I think most of today’s Top 40 hits are awful.

33. I knew about Paul McCartney before I knew about The Beatles.

Beatles poster34. I had a huge poster of The Beatles  (the one shown is an exact replica) in college and kissed John Lennon on the lips goodnight every night. (Creepy, I know. Can I use bipolar as an excuse?)

35. I handwrite many of my posts on the train then type them up to be published.

36. As a result of #35, I have a ton of backlogged and/or outdated posts.

37. Sometimes I wonder if this blog really means/amounts to anything.

38. I hate not having access to my personal e-mail at work.

39. I’ve been typing this for the past 15-20 minutes and I’m only at No. 39.

40. I’m a big Madonna fan.


1 Comment

  1. Rick said,

    July 19, 2007 at 1:53 am

    32–I don’t think I could name two songs on the top 40.
    35–Wow, that’s cool, you get to ride a train to work. My commute consists of 25 miles of interstate freeway with wheat fields on either side of it.
    37–Yeah, it does. Trust me.

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