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I’ve had the opportunity to read a few more blogs recently. Here are some highlights:

Stephany at souful sepulcher linked to Dr. John Grohol’s post at Psych Central about the restrictions on patients’ basic rights, i.e. the right to fresh air if you don’t smoke.

Gianna at Bipolar Blast discusses her problems with withdrawal from her psych drugs. She especially seems to be having trouble with Lamictal. I can only hope that once she’s off of the drugs, things will move smoothly and she can regain her life back.

Question Authority with Peter Rost linked to an interesting blog called Drug Rep Toys. Feel free to scrounge around for Rozarem linen spray. Maybe it’ll help you sleep.

PharmaGossip linked to a secret memo written by Barclay Fitzpatrick at Blue Cross, who was sent to watch and review Michael Moore’s latest movie, Sicko. Fitzpatrick essentially launches into damage control mode. Here’s a sampling from

"You would have to be dead to unaffected by Moore’s movie, he is an effective storyteller. In Sicko Moore presents a collage of injustices by selecting stories, no matter how exceptional to the norm, that present the health insurance industry as a set of organizations and people dedicated to denying claims in the name of profit. Denial for treatments that are considered "experimental" is a common story, along with denial for previous conditions, and denial for application errors or omissions. Individual employees from Humana and other insurers are interviewed who claim to have actively pursued claim denial as an insitutionalized goal in the name of profit.

In the second half of the movie, Moore walks us through individual stories of the Canadian, British, French, and Cuban health care systems where everything is free and – he reminds us repeatedly – no one is ever denied service because they can’t pay. In addition to health care, the government provides free day care, college, and someone to do your laundry. Everybody gets along and takes care of each other and life is beautiful because there is universal health care. As a viewer, you are made to feel ashamed to be an American, a capitalist, and part of a ‘me’ society instead of a ‘we’ society – and the lack of universal health care is held up in support of that condemnation."

As a result, I’m intrigued to see Sicko. I’m sure the documentary is incredibly one-sided, but at the same time, I think Fitzpatrick’s memo is partial bull. What are healthcare companies if not to make a profit? I’ve run into numerous issues with them myself – including the notorious "we won’t cover this because it’s a prior condition" – so many of Fitzpatrick’s assertions fall deaf on my ears. I’m currently under Blue Cross insurance and have dealt with them in the past. From my experience, coverage – even within the same healthcare company – differs from state to state. New York’s Blue Cross insurance was the worst insurer that I’d ever dealt with under my mother’s coverage; Cigna in New York (under my father’s coverage) was a godsend, covering many of my constant psych and doctor visits as a teen. I currently am covered by Independence Blue Cross (Ibx) in Philadelphia and it’s the best insurance I have ever had. Because I work in a medical organization, my fees are incredibly cheap and they cover most everything including my maintenance psychiatric visits. Anyone covered under Ibx has generic copays waived for the entire year. I know the worst healthcare insurers are capable of, but I’ve also experienced the best. I could go on, but it’d end up getting political for me so I’ll stop here. (I’m passionate about this topic.)

On the subject of Michael Moore, Kevin, M.D. has a post on Moore’s pissy attitude during an interview on CNN. Kevin quotes:

"Filmmaker Michael Moore went off on CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer during an interview Monday to promote his latest documentary ‘Sicko’. Moore blasted the anchor and the network for not doing enough to stop the Iraq war and for doing a ‘crap’ report on his new film. Moore also mocked the pronunciation of chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta."

Poor Dr. Gupta. Why hate on the man?

In a related matter, Kevin M.D. linked to a blog post by Movin’ Meat, which details the ridiculous $3600 bill a patient, who sustained injuries in a car accident, received. Shadowfax, Movin’ Meat’s blogger, breaks it down quite simply:

So, for the health policy types:
The system is fundamentally and irredeemably broken. Fix it now.

Read a ton more about Michael Moore and health care from Kevin’s blog:
Michael Moore an obstacle to single-payer?
Reasons against universal health care?
Deregulating health insurance
Do Americans go to Canada for health care?

I’ve recently fallen in love with the Bipolar Wellness Writer blog. I enjoy reading her insightful posts on bipolar disorder, depression, and her mother’s struggle with dementia.

On We Worry: A Blog for the Anxious, they link to an article about how depressed people are more intuitive to other people’s feelings than non-depressed people. I can only imagine it’s because depressed people care too much about what other people think even if depressed people think they don’t care what other people think at all. (A paradox, I know.)

Check out many of the other blogs on my Blogroll. I’m sure you’ll find something that you’ll like.

UPDATE: Some of the links aren’t working because a few of the links have spaces. I’ve tried to fix all of them, but if a link doesn’t work, check the URL and remove any "%20" signs that you see in the URL bar. Thanks.



  1. Stephany said,

    July 12, 2007 at 8:54 am

    Thanks for the link–for some reason the though that one and Bipolar Blast’s links aren’t working, and I have no idea why.

  2. Bob Thompson said,

    July 12, 2007 at 1:04 pm

    BP Blast is working for me, but Stephany’s link has an extra space in it.

  3. Nathan said,

    July 25, 2007 at 10:49 pm

    Thanks for the link. Seriously though, if that linen spray helps you sleep, leaving a can of paint thinner open on your counter will too.

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