I’ve been away from blogging for a lot of reasons. I’ve been away from a ton of things for a lot of reasons.

First of all, work has gotten incredibly busy. Since January, I’ve been faced with an onslaught of projects that have headed my way. Now that I’ve been there a year, the work simply hasn’t stopped because I’m familiar with performing many of the tasks related to my job. I also had a managing editor who suddenly quit (she e-mailed in sick for 4 days then called to quit on the 4th day) and the next person up went on maternity leave. As a result, there’s been a lot of management shifting and the big boss of the entire department is overseeing my little section. Since most of my blogging is done at work, this has seriously contributed to my lack of posts. My cubicle is also located on a main hallway where the big boss of my department walks by and it looks sort of slacker-ish to have a Typepad Web page up when I’m really supposed to be doing something work-related. I even feel weird doing this on my lunch break.

Second, I’ve been too busy to file through Google Alerts, which is where I get most of my blogging material. My husband will pass off a few things here and there to me, but for the most part, I go digging through the alerts for anything that catches my eye. I have a backlogged inbox as a result and mostly go through it each week and delete the myriad of e-mails from the previous week.

Third, I haven’t had time (also see too lazy) to read other blogs, which inspire much of my material. I do recommend that people check out my faves: Furious Seasons, Clinical Psychiatry & Psychology, Honey’s Journey, Bipolar Blast, and soulful sepulcher. I also like Peter’s Rost’s Question Authority, but much of that stuff is way over my head. (And I have family members who tell me what I write is over their heads. Ha!) There’s certainly more that I haven’t mentioned here, but take a look at my blogroll list and read some of them. They’re extremely good and informative.

Fourth, I’ve been lazy. Not only have I been avoiding my blog, I’ve been avoiding other blogs, I’ve been avoiding e-mails, I’ve been avoiding other people, I’ve essentially closed myself off from interaction with people except for my immediate family members because I’ve been lazy and partially depressed. I have a coworker who’s been giving the cold shoulder out of nowhere and I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. The people-pleaser in me wants to desperately go up to her and correct things. I want her to like me, I want us to have jovial conversations, I simply want to feel socially comfortable in my work environment. But I’ve apologized over and over to her many times for things in the past (even if it wasn’t my fault) and I’ve come to the point where I’m tired of it. A person can only apologize for things so much. I’m working on the people-pleaser aspect of myself and have forced myself through this uncomfortable situation. We’re not mean to each other; we’re simply polite and talk only business. She could be nasty, but she’s not and I’m thankful for that.

Fifth, (really a continuation of four) I’ve been semi-depressed because of the whole situation with my coworker. I’ve been feeling socially inadequate, intellectually inept, and verbally retarded. (Everyone at work has a hard time understanding me when I explain things the first time around and I need to re-explain myself two or three times – lately it’s been three – to get my point across clearly.) The communication breakdown on my end is extremely frustrating because my mind thinks faster than I speak and my words come incorrect or I use words in the wrong sense. (For instance, I called the wing of a building a “partition.” *sigh* I caught myself after saying that twice.) Ugh. I appreciate my ability to write because at least I have the opportunity to re-read what I write and make some sense. Blah.

Sixth, my HP laptop was on the fritz for 2 months and I had to send it back three times. Really annoying.

I’m sure there’s more but there are the many reasons I can think of off the top of my head. I no longer make promises about what I can and can’t do. It’s possible that people may be hearing back from me on an e-mail that was sent in March. Better late than never.

I have so many things to settle and finalize in my life. I have this need for closure and I’ll do what I need to do to get it done. It sucks and I hate to admit failure, but it’s what I’ve got to do.

I’m also looking for a new position. If anyone knows of any assistant editor, editor, copy editor, proofreader, and reporter positions in or around the Philadelphia area (I’m especially interested in the area between Lancaster, PA and Philly), please let me know. I’d like to get back into editing and writing instead of this mostly data entry job. I also am open to freelancing after Labor Day.

I’m 25 – not old, but when technology moves faster than the speed of light, you start to feel archaic. I can bet $10 that a 14-year-old would go “huh?” if you asked what a ZIP drive was. (I saw a ZIP disk the other day and boy, was I stunned. I haven’t seen those things since 2001/2002.) And I remember records – like vinyl. I’m sure 40-year-olds are going to pooh-pooh me and say, “Girl, you don’t know what old is!” But it doesn’t make me feel any better when teenagers these days don’t even know what a Walkman is. (And Walkmans really weren’t invented THAT long ago… or were they?) Oh and yeah, Madonna is sooo 1980s, early ‘90s. It’s all about Justin Timberlake and Young Jeezy. (Yeah, I don’t even know who the latter is, but I’ve seen the name around tons of times.)

But that’s about it for now. Hopefully, I can get my mind back together and start taking care of things, reading blogs, and posting more. (The mental fog clears up every once in a while.)

Best to all.

3 thoughts on “Back.

  1. Nice to see ya! I hope things mellow out for you. I check on you here everyday! (though you might not be able to tell as I have a live feed in my browser)

  2. Hey good to see you post. I saw an article somewhere that John Travolta thinks the same way about psychiatry as Tom Cruise. Have your hubby fill you in on that and write about it in one of your celebrity posts. 🙂

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