One of the saddest mental illness stories I've ever read

Jan B., a mother of six children, has one autistic son and another severely schizophrenic son.

This post is about her schizophrenic son. The post was prompted by the VTech shooting and the number of murders committed by men. Not to belittle her experience here, but this is an real example of what the TAC would point to. I feel bad for Jan becayse she’s deathly afraid of her son, who has attempted suicide several times and threatened to kill family members at various points (hallucinations). He didn’t get better until he was placed in a state mental hospital and put on Haldol. The story is a very good example of a mental health (and insurance) system gone awry. It’s a long post, but such a heart-wrenching read that it almost makes you feel lucky to deal with your daily challenges.

A statistic that jumped out at me:

"45% of people with schizophrenia refuse treatment or quit taking medicines"

My father was a classic case of this. (He did both.) To allude to my last post, he died of heart disease.

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