13 thoughts on “Treatment Advocacy Center?

  1. No, they are good people who are trying to help only those people who are the most MOST sick – not the people who are posting mean things about them. Some people have said about them …
    If I weren’t committed and/or forced to go into the hospital, I would be dead. No doubt in my mind. I am glad to know you are out there working for the good of all involved with mental illness. – Diana Kern, Austin, Texas
    Thank you for sending the Catalyst [TAC’s newsletter]. The information in it is dear to my heart as I suffer from manic depression. In its ongoing battle, any legislation to improve my chances of necessary care is welcome. Your efforts in this regard are applauded. – Darry Burton, Nebraska
    Fortunately I have not been hospitalized or severely symptomatic in over 8 years. Assisted treatment does work, it just requires more than a quick investment. Once homeless, I now work full time as a research technician at the Baylor College of Dentistry. – Petra Moessner, Dallas, Texas
    Or read this: http://www.treatmentadvocacycenter.org/GeneralResources/pa17.htm
    It is easy to say things like they are “facists” but they are the ONLY group working to get real help for people who are too sick to make their own decisions. That isn’t everyone. But it is invaluable for a few people.

  2. TAC was founded by people who suffer from the most serious forms of mental illness and their families. The focus of the group is on the most seriously ill. They are working on the politically incorrect issue of what to do about people who as a result of mental illness do not know they are ill, and need treatment. Their belief is that you should be able to help someone before they become “danger to self or others”, not wait until after, as current law, from a practical standpoint, requires. The Consumertocracy believes it is ‘stigmatizing’ to talk about this group. TAC believes it is violence by the minority that tars the majority. They are not anti-consumer in any way shape or form. Consumers are on board and staff. Their work is supported by the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

  3. Thanks, Stephany. I was curious to search for posts, but didn’t have a chance. Thanks for the easy references.
    I’m actually surprised there are so many mixed feelings about the TAC.

  4. Well, the thing with Torrey, is he is a leading expert[most vocal and well published] on schizophrenia. NAMI promotes him at lectures [like the one I attended in Seattle] and Torrey promotes forced medication out patient laws. With that type of backing, a person such as he can get laws passed. NAMI and Torrey are very vocal and highly visible, so it’s that type of voice that will get noticed with negative media hype etc. TAC is also notorious for having stats wrong or misrepresented, giving readers that “off meds must be a killer” tone.

  5. http://hymes.wordpress.com/tag/treatment-advocacy-center/
    Has 2 posts of mine specifically referencing TAC. TAC is a hate group in my opinion. They say they just want to help the sickest of the sick but they also admit openly that they will do anything to succeed in their agenda of getting forced outpatient drugging and easier inpatient commitment laws including making people afraid of people with mental illness, which is what they do. Here is a link to a video that the executive director did with a Homeland Security expert of some sort, saying that people with untreated mental illness have killed more people than terrorists since 9/11 and claiming the number is 5,000 homicides in the U.S., which is a lie.
    TAC works by fearmongering. You can not believe what they say on their website, that they are only trying to help sick people. Forced treatment doesn’t help for one, and the laws they want will affect a lot more people than the small group they always say they are targeting before they go on to scare everyone about everyone with a psychiatric diagnosis.
    It’s interesting that both Torrey and TAC’s executive director have siblings for whom psychotropic drugs have not worked and who are very sick despite being on medication. If they got their way, more people who don’t respond to medication would be forced to take it against their will and get no benefit but get the serious medical side effects anyway.
    Every time anything happens that might remotely be related to mental illness and is sensationalist, TAC puts it on their website and calls it a preventable tragedy. They also claim our state hospitals do a great job. Hah. They refuse to discuss or acknowledge the dangerous medical problems associated with taking the drugs they want to force on folks against their will nor the trauma of forced treatment.

  6. http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2007/05/04/crime-consequences-and-mental-illness/
    Forgot this great post on PsychCentral about violence being overstated that includes this paragraph about TAC:
    “Shame on the Treatment Advocacy Center
    By the way, the Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC) should be ashamed of themselves for their fear-mongering ways and promoting the “10 times more likely” number as fact. It is truly embarrassing that an organization of their nature would be misconstruing the research to further its own political, forced-treatment agenda.”

  7. Just take the comments against them with a grain of salt – if you really read what they write and the actual STUDIES, instaed of just reacting to the issue emotionally, you will see they want to help people that the consumer radicals leave behind – the sickest people who can’t keep a blog like Alison or Dawdy, who in my opinion both have a personal problem with the TAC staff (read their blogs and you will see – Dawdy is obviously mad at one or more of their staff people and Allison hates the former ED). It really has little to do with the content of their message or you would THINK people who cared about the sickest people would get on board. TAC fights for outpatient treatment – nobody getting locked in a psych hospital or in jail – and that to me makes the most sense. Ask the radical haters what THEY proposed to help the sickest and they will only tell you what they DON’T like. Don’t take them too seriously – watch the posts – there are only about 6 of them anyway posting on each others’ blogs.

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