Controversial post is actually "Identifiable Post"

Polly at polarcoaster posted the following on her blog:

“Marissa at depression introspection posts about the Virginia Tech shootings, bullying, compassion, and prevention. It’s titled The Most Controversial Post You’ll Ever Read Today, but it’s hard for me to see it as controversial, when I agree with much of what she says, especially the parts about Columbine. When I was in junior high, I never considered killing the people who bullied me, but I certainly understood where Harris and Klebold were coming from. What I’ve never understood is why school shooters also tend to kill absolutely anyone that’s around — why wouldn’t they just target the bullies? Why do they also kill people who’ve never done anything to them?”

You know, I never realized how many people would end up identifying with how I felt. It wasn’t as controversial as I thought. I thought I’d get blasted for having these thoughts. It amazed me to see that people agreed with me. In retrospect, the post should have been titled, “The Most Identifiable Post You’ll Ever Read Today.”

2 thoughts on “Controversial post is actually "Identifiable Post"

  1. I was bullied for not sharing my homework.I was threatened so bad one day, by another girl, who told me if I didn’t give her my work to copy [7th grade]she was going to beat me to death after school.I walked home a different route for days, when the rumor had it”fight”! My being bullied was nothing compared to my daughter’s.
    — My daughter was bullied, by being called “The Beast” when she gained 50 lbs. on Zyprexa in Junior High School. Yeah. That was what Lindsay had to deal with at lunchtime. It was disgusting and sad.

  2. I think with any kind of controversy, there’s going to be a lot of people that do agree, but they just don’t have the guts to put it into words because of that fear of being criticized…that’s why it seems that not very many people do share your viewpoint. However, once they see people coming out of the woodwork and saying what they are thinking it gets a little easier for people to start talking about it.

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