10 Most Grammatically Incorrect Words Used in Blogs

English degreeOooh, my English-degree side loves this. (English degree modifying side, of course.) OK – so I really need to make sure every thing is spelled correctly when posting this. LOL – watch a misteak occur. 😉

Another Storm posted a link to “10 Most Misspelled Words in Blogs” at The Probabilist. My fave (also my biggest pet peeve):

“10. Lose – Loose
But if you’re too
loose on your writing discipline, you will end up losing those readers after a while. You’d have a bolt loose if you don’t apply these 10 writing rules from now on with greater care. You win some and you don’t lose anyone.”

Many of us type relatively fast so a misspelled word here or there could probably be overlooked. Accidentally typing an extra ‘o’ when you meant, “I’m losing my hair” won’t kill anyone, but if you continue to write how you’re scared of “loosing” your hair and not “loosing” it is important to you, that doesn’t bode well for you or your blog.  😛

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