Encouragement from one blogger to another

As you know, I’ve been flipping out because work has gotten busy, I’ve fallen behind on my blogging, haven’t really been able to blog because I haven’t found time, and have been too tired, and family issues, yada, yada, yadda… I received an e-mail from Stephany at soulful sepulcher that I needed to share because it encouraged me so much:


Please know that I understand everything you are going through, from personal experience. I would like to pass on some wisdom now.

It is okay if you miss a blog post, or ‘miss a beat’ here and there in your blogging.

I can see your ambition, your motivation, your energy, and your spirit, already on your blog.
Do not feel obligated to ‘your blog’. This may sound strange; but absence on a blog, is okay.

Because, when you come back, it will be with clarity, wisdom, and grace.

Take care of you first. I know you have heard that before. I’m 47 and I hate it when the peeps tell me to ‘take care of yourself first’. But, they ended up being correct.

Take care,

You have a long and successful road ahead of you.



That was such an encouragement and exactly what I needed. (I also think it’s funny how she nailed my personality on the head. I didn’t know I was that transparent.) I started this blog with hope to help others and others have helped me. Talk about a community of bloggers.


  1. Amy- "Honey's" mom said,

    March 1, 2007 at 12:34 pm

    Hi there Marissa,
    Didn’t Stephany’s words just lift you up? Well, Marissa, I have found both you and Stephany to be such an encouragement to me. I am glad you are sharing from inside yourself as it is helping me grow as well. I love your “Who I am” post… you write “This blog has helped me to recognize many of the things that I am” I am so glad you are seeing all that you ARE, Marissa 🙂 Your words there reminded me of something Stephany wrote that I read today (catching up) and loved called “Imperfections, are actually perfections. (a letter to my Mother)” where she (Stephany) writes:
    “But, I have learned, truly, that nothing is perfect; and once we stop seeking perfection; is when we see real, and pure beauty.”
    I love that
    Because Honey (my 15 year old daughter) and I are walking through this forest without physically present friends/helpers… it means so much to have this internet community we have.
    hugs, Marissa
    Amy- Honey’s mom

  2. Stephany said,

    March 1, 2007 at 4:37 pm

    Marissa and Amy,
    This is now where I step in and say thank you, and make sure you realize that both of you are in fact; gifts.
    I find it a real gift to come and read here and see that somehow I was able to possibly comfort,encourage or inspire another person.
    Thank you both.

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