Brain Shivers quote

"The brain shivers are even scarier. If I straighten my head to fast or look up too quickly I get this out of body experience where it feels like I’m being electrocuted. It feels like my brain bounces back and forth. And for those few seconds I am unreachable."

I can totally relate. (quote courtesy Graham’s Blog)

2 thoughts on “Brain Shivers quote

  1. juts wanted to say that brain tremors is actually what I have been dealing with on various cycles with being on and off of effexor.

  2. It feels like when you test a battery on your tongue. (Those batteries with the positive and negative on the same side….the battery size is for a smoke alarm-not a big one). I had this feeling badly when I was on MAO’s and another time not as much on Luvox when there was adrenaline in my system, or just as the luvox was working itself out towards the end of the day and I had been having a very busy time.
    I had to sit very still.

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