Abilify phone booth

Sorry I’ve been away so long again. Work slaughtered me; I had a birthday; and I was depressed for pretty much the entire weekend until today. I’ll probably backlog some posts for the week to catch up. I’ll probably still be slow in responding to comments and e-mails. I haven’t kept up on any blogs. I’ll try to catch up as best as I can. Keep in my mind my depression has side-swiped me (sp?) and I’ve jumped up on my Lamictal from 150 mg to 200 mg. The jump knocked me for a loop yesterday afternoon. *sigh*

In attempt to make up for the absence, I have pictures of the Abilify phone booth that I see on my way to work. They’re not of the greatest quality, but you’ll get the idea. Click on the jump for the pictures.

Close-up of Abilify phone booth ad:

Abilify phone booth (close-up)

Full phone booth view:

Abilify phone booth (side view)

As an addendum to this post, I actually did see two college students using the phone booth above. They were too busy actually using the phone to pay attention to the ad.

4 thoughts on “Abilify phone booth

  1. I just started abilify and stop taking lamictal and it has been the worst four days that I have been thru with medication.

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